## ZFDownload

ZFDownload is a powerful file download manager for iOS, designed to provide a seamless experience for users. It offers robust features and flexibility, making it a popular choice for developers. This documentation serves as a guide to help you understand and utilize the capabilities of the ZFDownload library effectively.

### Features

Here are some of the key features that ZFDownload offers:

* Easy integration: ZFDownload can be easily integrated into your iOS projects, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup process.
* File management: This library provides comprehensive file management functionality, allowing you to handle downloads, uploads, and file organization with ease.
* Download queue: ZFDownload offers a download queue system, enabling you to queue multiple files for download and manage their priorities effortlessly.
* Resume interrupted downloads: Users can resume interrupted downloads without starting from scratch, enhancing the overall user experience.
* Background downloading: ZFDownload supports background downloading, allowing users to continue their downloads even when the app is in the background or closed.
* Pause and resume downloads: Users can pause and resume downloads at any time, giving them greater control and flexibility over their file downloads.
* Progress tracking: ZFDownload provides accurate progress tracking, giving users visibility into the download progress of each file.
* Customizable UI: This library allows you to customize the user interface to match your app’s branding and design, creating a consistent user experience.

### Installation

To install ZFDownload in your iOS project, follow these steps:

1. Using CocoaPods: Add the following line to your `Podfile`:

pod ‘ZFDownload’

2. Run `pod install` in the terminal.

3. Open your project using the `.xcworkspace` file.

4. Import the ZFDownload module in your desired class:

import ZFDownload

5. Start utilizing the powerful features of ZFDownload in your app.

### Usage

Once you have installed ZFDownload, you can begin using its functionalities in your iOS project. Here is a quick overview:

1. Set up a download task:

let downloadTask = ZFDownloadTask(urlString: “https://example.com/file.pdf”, fileName: “MyFile.pdf”)

2. Add the download task to the queue:


3. Implement the necessary delegate methods to handle download progress, completion, and failures:

class MyViewController: UIViewController, ZFDownloadDelegate {
// …
func downloadDidFinish(task: ZFDownloadTask) {
// Handle completion

func downloadDidFail(task: ZFDownloadTask) {
// Handle failure

func downloadProgressUpdated(task: ZFDownloadTask) {
// Handle progress updates

// Additional delegate methods…

4. Customize the UI and user experience as per your requirements using the provided customization options.

### Documentation and Support

For further information, detailed API documentation, and support, please visit the [official GitHub repository](https://github.com/example/ZFDownload). Any questions and issues can be addressed by creating a new [issue](https://github.com/example/ZFDownload/issues).

We encourage developers to actively contribute to the ZFDownload library by submitting pull requests or reporting bugs. Your valuable input helps us improve the library and make it even more powerful.