YYModel is a popular open-source library designed to simplify JSON model mapping in Objective-C and Swift programming languages. With YYModel, developers can effortlessly convert JSON data into native object graphs and vice versa. This library offers a range of features, such as automatic type inference, complex mapping support, convenient model methods, and more.

Key Features of YYModel:

– Automatic JSON to Model Mapping: YYModel enables developers to effortlessly convert JSON data into native object graphs, saving time and effort.
– Model to JSON Conversion: With YYModel, you can easily convert model objects to JSON representations without complex manual serialization.
– Complex Mapping Support: This library supports mapping relationships between models, allowing you to represent complex data structures with ease.
– Automatic Type Inference: YYModel automatically infers data types for properties, eliminating the need for explicit type annotations in most cases.
– Convenient Model Methods: YYModel provides convenient methods that allow you to perform tasks like model copying, model comparison, and more.
– Lightweight and Efficient: YYModel is designed to be lightweight and highly efficient, minimizing performance overhead during model mapping.

## Installation

YYModel can be installed using various methods:

1. **CocoaPods**: Add the following line to your `Podfile` and then run the `pod install` command:
pod ‘YYModel’

2. **Carthage**: Add the following line to your `Cartfile` and then run the `carthage update` command:
github “ibireme/YYModel”

3. **Swift Package Manager**: Add the following dependency to your `Package.swift` file:
dependencies: [
.package(url: “https://github.com/ibireme/YYModel.git”, from: “1.0.0”)

4. **Manual**: You can manually download the source files from the [GitHub repository](https://github.com/ibireme/YYModel) and add them to your project.

## Getting Started

Once you have added YYModel to your project, you can start leveraging its powerful JSON model mapping capabilities. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Import the YYModel module in the files where you want to use it:
import YYModel // For Swift
@import YYModel; // For Objective-C

2. Define the model classes that correspond to your JSON data. Ensure that the properties of your model classes match the keys in the JSON data.

3. Use the `+modelWithJSON:` method (for Objective-C) or `YYModel(dict: )` initializer (for Swift) to convert the JSON data into the model object.

4. Use the utility methods provided by YYModel, such as `modelArray(withClass:fromJSON:)`, `modelArray(withClass:fromJSONArray:)`, `modelArray(withClass:fromDictionaryArray:)`, to perform complex mappings between models.

5. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of YYModel in handling JSON model mapping!

## Examples

Here are a few examples to help you understand how to use YYModel effectively:

#### Example 1: JSON to Model Mapping
let jsonString = “{\”name\”:\”John\”,\”age\”:30,\”email\”:\”john@example.com\”}”
let userModel = UserModel.yy_model(withJSON: jsonString)
NSString *jsonString = @”{\”name\”:\”John\”,\”age\”:30,\”email\”:\”john@example.com\”}”;
UserModel *userModel = [UserModel yy_modelWithJSON:jsonString];

#### Example 2: Model to JSON Conversion
let userModel = UserModel()
userModel.name = “John”
userModel.age = 30
userModel.email = “john@example.com”
let jsonString = userModel.yy_modelToJSONString()
UserModel *userModel = [[UserModel alloc] init];
userModel.name = @”John”;
userModel.age = 30;
userModel.email = @”john@example.com”;
NSString *jsonString = [userModel yy_modelToJSONString];

#### Example 3: Complex Mapping
let json = [“users”: [
[“name”: “John”, “age”: 30],
[“name”: “Jane”, “age”: 25]
let userArray = UserModel.yy_modelArray(with: UserModel.self, json: json[“users”]) as? [UserModel]
NSDictionary *json = @{@”users”: @[
@{@”name”: @”John”, @”age”: @30},
@{@”name”: @”Jane”, @”age”: @25}
NSArray *userArray = [NSArray yy_modelArrayWithClass:UserModel.class json:json[@”users”]];

## Contributions

YYModel welcomes contributions from the open-source community. If you find any bugs, have feature requests, or would like to contribute, please visit the [GitHub repository](https://github.com/ibireme/YYModel) for more information. Your feedback and contributions are highly appreciated!

## Conclusion

YYModel is a powerful and easy-to-use library for JSON model mapping in Objective-C and Swift. With its rich feature set and efficient performance, YYModel simplifies the process of converting JSON data into native object graphs and vice versa. Get started with YYModel today and experience the convenience it offers in handling JSON model mapping!