Introduction to YYKeyboardManager

YYKeyboardManager is a powerful utility tool designed for iOS that manages keyboard notifications and animate views as required. It efficiently handles the appearance or dismissal of the keyboard to help avoid issues often encountered with ScrollView content.

Core Features of YYKeyboardManager

Here are some of the main features offered by YYKeyboardManager:

  • Manages keyboard notifications.
  • Animates views smoothly due to keyboard changes.
  • Allows customizable animation as per requirement.
  • Efficiently tackles ScrollView content overlap issues.

How to Install YYKeyboardManager

The YYKeyboardManager package can be easily installed via CocoaPods. First, you need to add the pod ‘YYKeyboardManager’ to your Podfile, then run ‘pod install’ to integrate the library into your project:

pod 'YYKeyboardManager'

Usage Instructions for YYKeyboardManager

To use YYKeyboardManager, import the library into your .m file:

#import "YYKeyboardManager.h"

Then, use keyboard notifications and animation functionalities as required in your code:

Beneficial For

YYKeyboardManager is beneficial for iOS developers who need to manage keyboard notifications or animate views according to keyboard movements effectively. It simplifies the handling of keyboard appearance or dismissal, hence offering a seamless user interface experience.


YYKeyboardManager is a helpful tool for managing keyboard notifications and animations in iOS development. Its ease of installation and usage makes it a go-to library for developers who wish to offer streamlined user experience.