About YYKeyboardManager

YYKeyboardManager is a powerful Swift library that provides an easy way to manage keyboard visibility and input accessory views in iOS applications. It offers a simple API for handling various keyboard events and adjusting UI elements accordingly, making it convenient for developers to create a smooth user experience.

Key Features

  • Automatically handles the visibility of the keyboard based on user interactions.
  • Allows customization of input accessory view for the keyboard.
  • Supports keyboard dismissal on background tap.
  • Provides flexible APIs to manage keyboard-related events.
  • Works seamlessly with both Objective-C and Swift projects.


To integrate YYKeyboardManager into your project, you can use CocoaPods. Simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'YYKeyboardManager'

Alternatively, you can directly add the source files to your project.


To use YYKeyboardManager, follow these steps:

Step 1: Import the Framework

Import the framework in your Swift file:

import YYKeyboardManager

Step 2: Enable Keyboard Manager

In your AppDelegate, add the following code to enable the keyboard manager:

YYKeyboardManager.shared().isEnabled = true

Step 3: Customize Input Accessory View (optional)

If you want to customize the input accessory view for the keyboard, you can implement the YYKeyboardObserver protocol in your view controller:

class MyViewController: UIViewController, YYKeyboardObserver {
    // Implement the required methods

Step 4: Respond to Keyboard Events

YYKeyboardManager provides various delegate methods to handle keyboard events. Implement the desired methods in your view controller class:

class MyViewController: UIViewController, YYKeyboardObserver {
    // Implement the desired delegate methods

Step 5: Additional Configuration (optional)

YYKeyboardManager allows additional configuration options. You can refer to the library’s documentation for more information on advanced customization and usage.


YYKeyboardManager is a versatile library that simplifies keyboard management in iOS applications. By handling keyboard events and providing customization options, it helps create a polished user experience. Try out YYKeyboardManager and enhance your app’s interaction with keyboards.