YYDispatchQueuePool is a utility class in the YYDispatchQueuePool framework that provides a convenient way to manage and reuse dispatch queues. This can help improve the efficiency of your app by reducing the overhead of creating and tearing down dispatch queues.

What is YYDispatchQueuePool?

YYDispatchQueuePool is a class that manages and reuses dispatch queues in iOS and macOS applications. It helps you avoid the overhead of creating and destroying dispatch queues, improving the performance of your app.

Why should you use YYDispatchQueuePool?

If your app deals with multiple concurrent tasks that require dispatch queues, creating and tearing down dispatch queues can become a performance bottleneck. YYDispatchQueuePool solves this problem by providing a pool of dispatch queues that can be reused across different tasks. Reusing dispatch queues reduces the overhead associated with queue creation and destruction, leading to improved performance.

How to use YYDispatchQueuePool?

To use YYDispatchQueuePool in your iOS or macOS application, follow these steps:

  1. Import the YYDispatchQueuePool framework into your project.
  2. Create an instance of YYDispatchQueuePool by specifying the type of queue you want to create (serial or concurrent) and the target queue to which the newly created queues should belong.
  3. Obtain a queue from the queue pool by calling the queue method. This method returns a dispatch queue that is immediately available for executing your tasks.
  4. Perform your tasks on the obtained queue.
  5. When you no longer need the queue, release it back to the pool by calling the returnQueue: method.

Example Usage:

// Import the YYDispatchQueuePool framework
import YYDispatchQueuePool

// Create a serial queue pool targeting the global queue
let serialQueuePool = YYDispatchQueuePool(queueType: .serial, targetQueue: DispatchQueue.global())

// Obtain a queue from the pool
let queue = serialQueuePool.queue()

// Perform your tasks on the queue
queue.async {
    // Task 1

queue.async {
    // Task 2

// Release the queue back to the pool


YYDispatchQueuePool is a powerful utility class that helps you manage and reuse dispatch queues in iOS and macOS applications. By reusing queues instead of creating and destroying them, you can improve the performance of your app and reduce unnecessary overhead.