YTVimeoExtractor is a robust solution for iOS developers, enabling seamless Vimeo video extraction in iOS applications. It is a Vimeo extractor for iOS, cocoa pod that extensively allows an iOS application to fetch Vimeo video URLs and other essential information like the video title, duration, thumbnail via Vimeo’s API. Let’s delve into some fundamental components of YTVimeoExtractor, including its installation, usage, and understanding its parameters.


The YTVimeoExtractor pod is installed via CocoaPods. CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. To install YTVimeoExtractor, include the following line in your Podfile:

pod 'YTVimeoExtractor'

Run ‘pod install’ to finish the process.


Start by importing the YTVimeoExtractor in your file as follows:

#import "YTVimeoExtractor.h"

Next, to get the Vimeo video URL, use the below code:

[[YTVimeoExtractor sharedExtractor]fetchVideoWithVimeoURL:@"Vimeo_URL" withReferer: nil completionHandler:^(YTVimeoVideo * _Nullable video, NSError * _Nullable error) {
        //Access video.url (in highest resolution available) and video.title here
    else {
        //Use error.localizedDescription to see the reason of failure

Understanding Parameters

There are key parameters involved in fetching a Vimeo video, all part of the completionHandler.

  • YTVimeoVideo: This represents the video model containing essential details including video URL, video thumb, title, and duration.
  • Vimeo_URL: The Vimeo URL of the video you want to extract.
  • Video.url: This represents the video’s URL.
  • Video.title: This represents the video’s title.
  • Error.localizedDescription: In case of any failure, this parameter gives an error description.

YTVimeoExtractor is a valuable addition to an iOS developer’s toolkit allowing easy integration of Vimeo videos in an application. Offering great ease of use, it requires minimal coding and delivers smooth performance.