Welcome to the documentation for YLTCPBroadcaster – a simple utility library for sending information between devices using TCP/IP sockets.


To install YLTCPBroadcaster, you can use CocoaPods. Add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'YLTCPBroadcaster'

Then, run the following command:

pod install

Getting Started

To start using YLTCPBroadcaster in your project, you need to import the library:

#import <YLTCPBroadcaster/YLTCPBroadcaster.h>

Once imported, you can create an instance of YLTCPBroadcaster and start broadcasting messages:

YLTCPBroadcaster *broadcaster = [[YLTCPBroadcaster alloc] init];
[broadcaster startBroadcastingWithPort:12345];

The above code will start a TCP server that listens to connections on port 12345. You can change the port number as per your requirements.


YLTCPBroadcaster provides the following methods:

  • startBroadcastingWithPort:
  • stopBroadcasting
  • sendDataToAllClients:
  • sendData:toClientWithAddress:
  • delegate


YLTCPBroadcaster supports delegation to receive updates and handle events. To register a delegate, use the delegate property:

broadcaster.delegate = self;

Your class should conform to the YLTCPBroadcasterDelegate protocol and implement the following methods:

// Delegate method called when a new client is connected
- (void)broadcaster:(YLTCPBroadcaster *)broadcaster didConnectToClientWithAddress:(NSString *)address;

// Delegate method called when a client is disconnected
- (void)broadcaster:(YLTCPBroadcaster *)broadcaster didDisconnectFromClientWithAddress:(NSString *)address;

// Delegate method called when data is received from a client
- (void)broadcaster:(YLTCPBroadcaster *)broadcaster didReceiveData:(NSData *)data fromClientWithAddress:(NSString *)address;

Stopping Broadcasting

To stop the broadcasting, use the stopBroadcasting method:

[broadcaster stopBroadcasting];


Here’s an example code snippet that demonstrates how to use YLTCPBroadcaster:

#import <YLTCPBroadcaster/YLTCPBroadcaster.h>

@interface MyViewController () <YLTCPBroadcasterDelegate>

@implementation MyViewController {
    YLTCPBroadcaster *_broadcaster;

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];
    // Create an instance of YLTCPBroadcaster
    _broadcaster = [[YLTCPBroadcaster alloc] init];
    _broadcaster.delegate = self;
    // Start broadcasting on port 12345
    [_broadcaster startBroadcastingWithPort:12345];

// Delegate methods
- (void)broadcaster:(YLTCPBroadcaster *)broadcaster didConnectToClientWithAddress:(NSString *)address {
    NSLog(@"Connected to client at %@", address);

- (void)broadcaster:(YLTCPBroadcaster *)broadcaster didDisconnectFromClientWithAddress:(NSString *)address {
    NSLog(@"Disconnected from client at %@", address);

- (void)broadcaster:(YLTCPBroadcaster *)broadcaster didReceiveData:(NSData *)data fromClientWithAddress:(NSString *)address {
    // Process received data
    NSString *receivedString = [[NSString alloc] initWithData:data encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];
    NSLog(@"Received data from %@: %@", address, receivedString);

- (void)dealloc {
    // Stop broadcasting
    [_broadcaster stopBroadcasting];