YapDatabaseExtensions is a powerful set of extensions and convenience methods that enhance the functionality of YapDatabase, a high-performance key-value store for iOS and macOS.


  • Enhanced querying capabilities
  • Batch operations for improved performance
  • Convenience methods for common operations
  • Integration with YapDatabase’s snapshot and versioning


YapDatabaseExtensions can be easily integrated into your project using CocoaPods. Simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'YapDatabaseExtensions'

Then run pod install to fetch and install the dependencies.



Ensure you have the following import statement to access YapDatabaseExtensions:

import YapDatabase.YapDatabaseExtensions

Extension Methods

YapDatabaseExtensions provides a range of extension methods to simplify and streamline database operations.


Utilize the power of enhanced querying features to efficiently fetch data from YapDatabase. Some commonly used methods include:

databaseConnection.read { transaction in
// Execute queries here


Perform batch operations or make individual modifications to the database. Examples of available methods:

databaseConnection.readWrite { transaction in
// Perform modifications here

Convenience Methods

YapDatabaseExtensions offers various convenience methods to simplify common tasks. These include:

databaseConnection.read { transaction in
// Use convenience methods here

Snapshots and Versioning

YapDatabase’s built-in snapshot and versioning support can be seamlessly integrated with YapDatabaseExtensions. This enables efficient concurrent access and ensures consistent data integrity.


YapDatabaseExtensions provides a robust set of extensions and convenience methods that greatly enhance the functionality of YapDatabase. With its enhanced querying capabilities, batch operations, and convenient APIs, it simplifies and accelerates your database operations. With easy installation and integration with YapDatabase’s powerful snapshot and versioning features, you can efficiently manage your data with confidence.