Welcome to the xKey documentation! This documentation provides detailed information about the xKey framework and its usage. xKey is a powerful and flexible framework for managing and storing encryption keys securely.


  • Securely manage encryption keys
  • Support for various encryption algorithms
  • Easy integration with existing projects
  • Flexible key storage options
  • Extensive error handling and reporting
  • Comprehensive documentation and community support

Getting Started

If you’re new to xKey, this section will guide you through the process of getting started.


To use xKey in your project, you need to install it via CocoaPods or manually include the framework in your project.

// Example CocoaPods installation
pod 'xKey', '~> 1.0'

// Manual installation
1. Download the xKey framework from our website.
2. Add the xKey.framework to your Xcode project.
3. Link against the xKey.framework in your project settings.

Creating xKey Instance

Once xKey is installed, you need to create an instance of xKey for accessing its functionality.

import xKey

let xkey = xKey()

Generating a Key

xKey allows you to generate secure encryption keys easily.

let key = xkey.generateKey()


This section provides detailed information on how to use xKey in your projects.

Encrypt Data

xKey makes it easy to encrypt data using various encryption algorithms.

let encryptedData = xkey.encrypt(data, with: key, using: .AES)

Decrypt Data

To decrypt the encrypted data, xKey provides a simple method.

let decryptedData = xkey.decrypt(encryptedData, with: key, using: .AES)

Additional Functionality

In addition to encryption and decryption, xKey provides several other useful functionalities.

  • Key rotation
  • Key management
  • Key generation customization
  • Error handling and reporting


Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to use xKey for managing encryption keys securely. With its comprehensive functionality and ease of use, xKey is an ideal choice for your encryption needs. For more detailed information and additional examples, please refer to the official xKey documentation.