Welcome to the documentation for XFDialogBuilder. This guide will provide you with the necessary information to effectively use XFDialogBuilder in your iOS applications.

What is XFDialogBuilder?

XFDialogBuilder is a powerful library that allows you to easily create and customize various types of dialogs in your iOS applications. With XFDialogBuilder, you can create alert dialogs, action sheets, toast messages, and more, all with a few lines of code.

Getting Started

Before you can start using XFDialogBuilder, you’ll need to install it in your project. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Open your Xcode project.
  • Go to your project’s target settings.
  • Select “General” and scroll down to the “Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content” section.
  • Click on the “+” button.
  • Choose “Add Other…” and navigate to the XFDialogBuilder framework’s location on your computer.
  • Add the XFDialogBuilder framework to your project.

Once the framework is added to your project, you can start using XFDialogBuilder by importing it into your code files:

import XFDialogBuilder

Creating an Alert Dialog

An alert dialog is a simple dialog that presents the user with a message and a set of buttons. Follow the code snippet below to create an alert dialog:

Creating an Action Sheet

An action sheet is a dialog that presents the user with a set of options. Follow the code snippet below to create an action sheet:

This code snippet creates an action sheet dialog with two options and a cancel button.

Customizing Dialog Appearance

You can customize the appearance of your dialogs by using the various customization options provided by XFDialogBuilder. Some of the available options include:

  • Changing the dialog's title and message color.
  • Adding a custom background color or image.
  • Customizing button colors and styles.
dialog.titleColor = UIColor.red
dialog.messageColor = UIColor.blue
dialog.backgroundColor = UIColor.white
dialog.buttonColor = UIColor.green
dialog.buttonTextColor = UIColor.white
dialog.buttonTextStyle = .bold

Displaying Toast Messages

XFDialogBuilder also provides functionality to display toast messages in your iOS applications. Use the code below to display a toast message:

XFDialogBuilder.showToast(message: "This is a toast message!")

Additional Resources

For more detailed information, check out the official XFDialogBuilder GitHub repository and the CocoaPods page. You can also find example projects and code snippets in the repository's documentation.

Feel free to explore the various features and customization options offered by XFDialogBuilder to enhance the user experience in your iOS applications.