WKZombie is a powerful iOS framework that allows developers to automate and interact with web content within native apps. With WKZombie, you can easily simulate user interactions like clicking buttons, filling out forms, extracting information, and much more.


  • Easy and intuitive web content automation.
  • Supports interaction with JavaScript-based webpages.
  • Automatic handling of AJAX requests for rich web experiences.
  • Customizable interception of network requests and responses.
  • Integration with unit tests for seamless testing workflow.
  • Fully compatible with modern iOS webviews.

Getting Started

To start using WKZombie in your iOS project, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install WKZombie via CocoaPods by adding the following line to your Podfile:
  2. pod 'WKZombie'
  3. Run the command pod install in your terminal.
  4. pod install
  5. Open your project’s workspace or project file.
  6. Import the WKZombie framework into your Swift files:
  7. import WKZombie
  8. You are now ready to start using WKZombie in your project!

Basic Usage

Once you have integrated WKZombie into your project, you can utilize its powerful features to automate web content. Here’s a basic example of how to use WKZombie:

import WKZombie

// Create a new WebView
let webView = WKWebView(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 320, height: 480))

// Load a website
let url = URL(string: "https://example.com")!
let request = URLRequest(url: url)

// Interact with the loaded webpage
webView.tapButton(withIdentifier: "submitButton") // Simulate tapping a button
webView.fill(formFieldWithIdentifier: "usernameTextField", withContent: "john") // Fill out a form field

Advanced Usage

WKZombie offers advanced features to handle more complex scenarios and customization. Here are some examples:

  • AJAX Handling: WKZombie automatically handles AJAX requests in webpages, allowing seamless interaction with dynamic web content.
  • Network Intercept: Intercept and modify network requests and responses to customize your web automation experience.
  • Integration Testing: Integrate WKZombie with your unit tests to automate testing workflows and ensure your web content behaves as expected.
  • JavaScript Interaction: Execute JavaScript code within webpages to interact with and manipulate elements.


WKZombie is a versatile iOS framework that empowers developers to automate and interact with web content seamlessly. Whether you need to extract information, perform user interactions, or navigate complex web structures, WKZombie provides a comprehensive solution. Get started with WKZombie today and simplify your web automation process.