WistiaKit Overview

WistiaKit is a powerful iOS API that offers an easy way to integrate Wistia’s video storage, streaming, and analytics platform into your iOS apps. The SDK provides an interface to embed Wistia videos into your iOS apps and track relevant statistics.

Features of WistiaKit

  • Embed Wistia videos into iOS Apps
  • Support for playing directly from the Wistia CDN
  • Analytics tracking for video plays, pauses, and more
  • Customizable video player UI
  • Advanced video playback controls
  • Supports offline playback

Installing WistiaKit

To install WistiaKit for iOS, typically you can use CocoaPods. Mention detailed steps to install including code snippets.

Using WistiaKit

After installing WistiaKit, to embed a Wistia video into your iOS app mention the detailed step-by-step process including the necessary code snippets.

Tracking Analytics with WistiaKit

The WistiaKit SDK allows you to track video events such as plays, pauses, video finish, etc. Accurately measure video engagement within your app by understanding how users consume your Wistia videos. Mention the necessary code snippets and steps to start tracking these events right away.

Customizing the WistiaKit Player

While the WistiaKit video player works great out of the box, you may want to custom-tailor its appearance to better suit your app’s unique style. Learn more about how to customize your player with specific code snippets and steps.

Support and Troubleshooting

You can find support and troubleshooting guides for WistiaKit. Provide necessary links or resources here.