Whisper is a lightweight framework for creating and managing social networking applications. It provides a set of powerful tools and components that simplify the development process and offer robust functionality.


  • Social networking capabilities
  • User authentication and authorization
  • Activity feeds and notifications
  • Direct messaging and chats
  • Friendship and follow system
  • Content sharing and commenting
  • Customizable user profiles
  • Privacy and security controls
  • Localization and internationalization support
  • Scalable and flexible architecture

Getting Started

To start using Whisper in your application, follow these steps:


1. Install Whisper via Cocoapods by adding the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'Whisper'

2. Run the command:

pod install

Basic Usage

To utilize Whisper in your project, import the necessary modules:

import Whisper

Create an instance of the WhisperClient:

let whisper = WhisperClient(apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY")

Connect to Whisper’s backend using your API key:


User Authentication

To authenticate a user, use the following methods provided by the WhisperClient:

User Registration

To register a new user, call the following method:

whisper.registerUser(email: "user@example.com", password: "password")

User Login

To log in a user, use the following method:

whisper.login(email: "user@example.com", password: "password")

User Profile

You can retrieve and update user profile information using the provided methods:

Retrieve User Profile

Retrieve a user’s profile information by calling:

whisper.getProfile(userID: "USER_ID")

Update User Profile

To update a user’s profile information, use:

whisper.updateProfile(userID: "USER_ID", profileData: ["name": "John Doe", "location": "New York"])

Social Features

Whisper offers a range of social features that can be customized and integrated into your app:

Follow User

To allow users to follow each other, use the following method:

whisper.followUser(userID: "FOLLOWER_ID", followingUserID: "USER_TO_FOLLOW_ID")

Friend Requests

Enable friend requests and accept/decline functionality with these methods:

whisper.sendFriendRequest(senderUserID: "SENDER_ID", receiverUserID: "RECEIVER_ID")
whisper.acceptFriendRequest(senderUserID: "SENDER_ID", receiverUserID: "RECEIVER_ID")
whisper.declineFriendRequest(senderUserID: "SENDER_ID", receiverUserID: "RECEIVER_ID")

Direct Messaging

Add direct messaging functionality using the following methods:

whisper.sendMessage(senderUserID: "SENDER_ID", receiverUserID: "RECEIVER_ID", message: "Hello!")
whisper.getMessages(senderUserID: "SENDER_ID", receiverUserID: "RECEIVER_ID")

Additional Resources

For more in-depth documentation and code examples, refer to the official Whisper documentation and GitHub repository.

Start building your social networking application using the powerful features provided by Whisper!