Welcome to the documentation for VOGOPlayerCoreFifa!


VOGOPlayerCoreFifa is a powerful media player framework that allows you to integrate high-quality video playback capabilities into your iOS applications. With VOGOPlayerCoreFifa, you can easily play various video formats, control video playback, implement advanced features, and provide a seamless user experience.


To start using VOGOPlayerCoreFifa, you need to:

  • Download the VOGOPlayerCoreFifa framework package.
  • Extract the downloaded package.
  • Copy the VOGOPlayerCoreFifa.framework file to your Xcode project directory.
  • In Xcode, open your project and navigate to your project’s General settings.
  • Scroll down to the “Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content” section.
  • Click the “+” button, select “Add Other”, and choose the VOGOPlayerCoreFifa.framework file.
  • Make sure the framework is added and set to “Embed & Sign”.
  • Import the framework in your code using: #import <VOGOPlayerCoreFifa/VOGOPlayerCoreFifa.h>
  • You are now ready to use VOGOPlayerCoreFifa in your iOS project!


Once you have installed VOGOPlayerCoreFifa in your project, you can start using its features:

  • Initialize the player: To get started, you need to initialize an instance of the VOGOPlayerCoreFifa class in your code. Use the init method to create a new player object.
  • Load a video: Use the loadVideoWithURL: method of the player to load a video from a given URL into the player.
  • Control playback: VOGOPlayerCoreFifa provides various methods to control video playback, such as play, pause, stop, seekToTime:, etc. Use these methods to implement playback controls in your app.
  • Handle playback events: You can register to receive playback events using the addDelegate: method. Implement the delegate methods to handle events like playback finished, playback error, buffering, etc.
  • Customize player appearance: You can customize the appearance of the player by setting properties like backgroundColor, contentMode, playerControlsStyle, etc. Use these properties to match the player with your app’s design.
  • Implement advanced features: VOGOPlayerCoreFifa supports advanced features like subtitle tracks, audio tracks, video filters, playback quality selection, etc. Explore the documentation to learn how to implement these features in your app.

Example Code

Here’s an example code snippet to demonstrate the basic usage of VOGOPlayerCoreFifa:

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];

    VOGOPlayerCoreFifa *player = [[VOGOPlayerCoreFifa alloc] init];
    [player loadVideoWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"https://example.com/video.mp4"]];
    [player play];

    // Add player view to your app's UI
    [self.view addSubview:player.view];
    player.view.frame = self.view.bounds;

API Reference

For detailed information on classes, methods, and properties provided by VOGOPlayerCoreFifa, please refer to the official API documentation.


Here are some frequently asked questions about VOGOPlayerCoreFifa:

Question 1: How do I control the volume of the player?

To control the volume of the player, you can use the setVolume: method of the VOGOPlayerCoreFifa class. Pass a value between 0.0 and 1.0 to set the desired volume level.

Question 2: Can I play videos from local storage?

Yes, you can play videos from local storage. Simply provide the local file URL instead of a remote URL when using the loadVideoWithURL: method. Make sure the video file is accessible in your app’s sandboxed file system.

Question 3: How can I implement subtitles in my player?

VOGOPlayerCoreFifa supports subtitles. You can use the setSubtitleURL: method to load a subtitle file and start displaying subtitles during video playback. The subtitle file should be in SRT format.

Question 4: How do I change the playback speed?

To change the playback speed, you can use the setPlaybackSpeed: method of the VOGOPlayerCoreFifa class. Pass a value between 0.5 (half speed) to 2.0 (double speed) to adjust the playback speed accordingly.


If you encounter any issues while using VOGOPlayerCoreFifa, here are a few common troubleshooting tips:

  • Check framework integration: Ensure that you have correctly added the VOGOPlayerCoreFifa framework to your project and that it is properly embedded and signed.
  • Check video URLs: If you are unable to load a video, verify that the URL you are using is valid and accessible. Make sure there are no network restrictions or connectivity issues.
  • Review error codes and messages: Whenever you encounter an error or unexpected behavior, refer to the error codes and error messages provided by the player to identify the problem and take appropriate actions.
  • Clean and rebuild your project: Sometimes, issues can occur due to build or caching problems. Try cleaning and rebuilding your project to resolve any potential conflicts.
  • Contact support: If you are unable to resolve the issue, feel free to contact our support team for further assistance. Provide detailed information about the problem, steps to reproduce it, and any relevant error messages for faster resolution.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting tips will help you overcome any challenges you may face while using VOGOPlayerCoreFifa.