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What is VialerSIPLib?

VialerSIPLib is a powerful library for integrating SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) functionality into your iOS applications. With VialerSIPLib, you can easily handle all aspects of SIP communication, including establishing and managing SIP sessions, handling call events, and implementing messaging functionality.

Key Features

  • Support for audio and video calls
  • Secure communication with Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Real-time events for call initiation and termination
  • Integrated message sending and receiving
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Intuitive API for easy implementation


To use VialerSIPLib in your iOS application, you need:

  • iOS 12 or later
  • Xcode 11 or later
  • VialerSIPLib framework
  • An active SIP account


To install VialerSIPLib, follow these steps:

  • Download the VialerSIPLib framework from the official GitHub repository.
  • Open your iOS project in Xcode.
  • Drag and drop the VialerSIPLib.framework into your Xcode project.
  • In the project settings, navigate to your target settings, select the “General” tab, and scroll down to the “Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content” section.
  • Click the “+” button and select the VialerSIPLib.framework.
  • Ensure that the framework is set to “Embed & Sign”.
  • You’re all set! You can now start using VialerSIPLib in your project.

Getting Started

To get started with VialerSIPLib, follow these steps:

  • Import the VialerSIPLib framework into your project.
  • Create an instance of the VialerSIPClient class.
  • Configure the SIP settings for your application using the VialerSIPSettings class.
  • Implement the necessary delegates to handle SIP events and notifications.
  • Use the various methods provided by VialerSIPLib to make calls, send messages, and manage SIP sessions.

API Reference

For detailed information on the VialerSIPLib API, please refer to the official VialerSIPLib documentation.


Here are some examples demonstrating the usage of VialerSIPLib:

Establishing a Call

To establish a call with VialerSIPLib, use the following code:

let client = VialerSIPClient()
let callee = ""
client.makeCall(to: callee)

Sending a Message

To send a message using VialerSIPLib, use the following code:

let client = VialerSIPClient()
let recipient = ""
let message = "Hello, this is a test message."
client.sendMessage(to: recipient, with: message)


Q: Does VialerSIPLib support video calls?

A: Yes, VialerSIPLib supports both audio and video calls.

Q: Can I use VialerSIPLib with a custom SIP server?

A: Yes, VialerSIPLib can be configured to work with any SIP server.

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