VersionTrackerSwift is a powerful Swift library that allows developers to easily track the version of their iOS app and prompt users to upgrade to the latest version if needed. It provides a simple API to keep track of version numbers, compare them, and display custom upgrade alerts.


***Version Tracking***

With VersionTrackerSwift, you can easily track the current version of your app. It provides a simple method to get the current version number and compare it with the latest available version.

// Get current version
let currentVersion = VersionTracker.currentVersion

// Compare versions
let isUpdateAvailable = VersionTracker.isUpdateAvailable(latestVersion: “1.2.3”)

***Custom Upgrade Alerts***

VersionTrackerSwift allows you to display custom upgrade alerts to your users, prompting them to update to the latest version. You can customize the alert title, message, buttons, and their actions.

// Custom Upgrade Alert
let upgradeAlert = VersionTracker.createUpgradeAlert(
title: “Update Available”,
message: “A new version of the app is available. Do you want to update?”,
upgradeButtonTitle: “Upgrade”,
skipButtonTitle: “Skip”

// Present upgrade alert

***Automatic Version Update Prompt***

By using the autoCheckForUpdate method, VersionTrackerSwift can automatically check for new versions whenever the app launches and display the upgrade alert if a new version is available.

// Automatic version update prompt
currentVersion: VersionTracker.currentVersion,
appStoreID: “123456789”


VersionTrackerSwift can be easily installed via [CocoaPods]( Just add the following line to your `Podfile`:

pod ‘VersionTrackerSwift’

Then, run the command `pod install` in the terminal to fetch and integrate the library into your Xcode project.


To start using VersionTrackerSwift, import the library at the top of your Swift file:

import VersionTrackerSwift

Then, you can utilize the various features provided by the library as mentioned in the features section.


VersionTrackerSwift requires iOS 10.0 or later and is compatible with both Swift 4 and Swift 5.


VersionTrackerSwift is released under the [MIT License](


– [GitHub Repository](
– [API Documentation](

Feel free to explore more about VersionTrackerSwift and its functionalities using the provided resources.