Welcome to the documentation for Uploadcare, a powerful file infrastructure platform for developers.

In this guide, we will cover all the essential features and functionality offered by Uploadcare, along with step-by-step instructions to help you integrate Uploadcare into your applications seamlessly.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, this documentation will provide you with all the information you need to get started with Uploadcare and make the most out of its capabilities.


To start using Uploadcare in your project, follow these steps:

1. Sign up for an account on the [Uploadcare website](https://uploadcare.com/) if you haven’t done so already.
2. Obtain your API keys from your Uploadcare account dashboard.

Now, let’s proceed to the installation and configuration steps based on your preferred platform or programming language:


To integrate Uploadcare into your WordPress website, follow these steps:

1. Install the Uploadcare WordPress plugin from the official WordPress plugin repository.
2. Activate the plugin through the WordPress admin panel.
3. Configure the plugin settings by entering your Uploadcare Public and Secret API keys.
4. Save the changes and now you are ready to start using Uploadcare in WordPress.

***Other Platforms***

If you are not using WordPress, follow the platform-specific instructions to install Uploadcare:

1. **Platform A**: Provide detailed steps for installing and configuring Uploadcare on Platform A.
2. **Platform B**: Provide detailed steps for installing and configuring Uploadcare on Platform B.

Please refer to the official Uploadcare documentation for more information on platform-specific installation.

**File Uploading**

Uploading files with Uploadcare is simple and efficient. Follow the instructions below to integrate file uploading in your application:

1. Initialize the Uploadcare widget in your HTML page by including the necessary script and HTML elements.
2. Customize the widget appearance and functionality as per your requirements.
3. Handle the uploaded files using the provided JavaScript API to retrieve file information and perform actions.

Refer to the Uploadcare documentation on file uploading for detailed instructions on customizing the widget and working with uploaded files.

**File Handling**

Uploadcare offers a range of features to handle and manipulate files. Here are some of the key functionalities:

1. **Image Optimization**: Learn how to optimize and manipulate images using the Uploadcare Image CDN and available transformations.
2. **File Storage**: Explore the options for managing and organizing files in your Uploadcare account.
3. **File Copying and Moving**: Discover how to copy or move files between different cloud storage locations.
4. **File Versioning**: Understand how to handle file versions, including caching and access control options.

For detailed instructions on file handling features, refer to the Uploadcare documentation on each specific functionality.

**API Reference**

The Uploadcare API provides a wide range of endpoints and methods to interact with the Uploadcare infrastructure programmatically. Below are some key resources:

1. **Uploadcare REST API**: This section covers the available RESTful endpoints for uploading, retrieving, and manipulating files and related resources.
2. **JavaScript API**: Learn how to use the Uploadcare JavaScript API to interact with the Uploadcare widget and handle file uploads dynamically.

Consult the official Uploadcare API documentation for comprehensive reference material and detailed examples.

**Additional Resources**

Explore these additional resources to help you make the most out of Uploadcare:

1. **Uploadcare Blog**: Stay updated with the latest news, tutorials, and insights related to Uploadcare by visiting the official blog.
2. **Uploadcare Community**: Join the Uploadcare community to connect with other developers, share ideas, and get help with your projects.

For a more comprehensive and specific understanding of Uploadcare, we recommend referring to the extensive documentation available on the official Uploadcare website.


Congratulations! You have reached the end of the Uploadcare documentation guide. We hope this documentation has provided you with all the necessary information to get started with Uploadcare and leverage its powerful features within your projects.

If you have any further questions, concerns, or issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Uploadcare support team or consult the official community forum.

Thank you for choosing Uploadcare!