Welcome to UITestHelper

UITestHelper is a powerful tool that simplifies and enhances the process of writing UI tests for your applications. With a wide range of features and utilities, it allows you to write clean, maintainable, and efficient UI tests for your iOS and macOS applications. This page provides an overview of UITestHelper and its key features.

Getting Started

To get started with UITestHelper, follow these steps:

  • Install UITestHelper via Cocoapods or manually include the framework in your project.
  • Import UITestHelper into your UI test target.
  • Start utilizing the various utilities and features provided by UITestHelper in your UI tests.

Key Features

1. Mocking Network Requests

UITestHelper allows you to mock network requests in your UI tests, eliminating the dependency on a live backend and making your tests faster and more reliable.

2. Accessibility Testing

With UITestHelper, you can easily test the accessibility of your UI components, ensuring your app is inclusive and user-friendly for all users.

3. Predefined UI Test Assertions

UITestHelper provides a set of predefined UI test assertions that simplify the process of verifying UI elements and their properties.

4. Screen Navigation Helpers

UITestHelper includes convenient helpers for navigating between screens in your UI tests, reducing duplication and improving test organization.

5. Date and Time Mocking

UITestHelper makes it easy to mock and manipulate dates and times in your UI tests, allowing for more comprehensive testing of time-dependent functionality.

Example Usage

Here’s an example of how UITestHelper can be used in your UI tests:

// Mocking a network request
let mockResponse = MockHTTPResponse(statusCode: 200, data: mockData)
MockHTTPInterceptor.shared.addMockResponse(mockResponse, forURLContains: "api.example.com")
// Perform UI actions and assertions using the mocked network data

// Asserting accessibility properties
let element = app.buttons["myButton"]
XCTAssertEqual(element.accessibilityLabel, "Submit")

// Using predefined UI test assertions

// Navigating between screens

// Mocking date and time
TimeHelper.shared.mockCurrentDate = Date(timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate: 0)


UITestHelper empowers you to write efficient and reliable UI tests for your iOS and macOS applications. By leveraging its features, you can easily mock network requests, test accessibility, perform assertions, navigate between screens, and manipulate date and time. Get started with UITestHelper today and simplify your UI testing workflow!