This page provides detailed information about the UIColor+Additions library.

Library Overview

UIColor+Additions is a library that extends the functionality of the default UIColor class in iOS. It provides additional methods and properties to make working with colors easier and more convenient.


To install UIColor+Additions in your project, you have two options:

  • Using Cocoapods:
pod 'UIColor+Additions'
  • Manually:

1. Download the UIColor+Additions source files from the repository:


2. Add the UIColor+Additions files to your Xcode project.


After installing the UIColor+Additions library, you can start using its additional methods and properties to work with colors in your project.


// Import the library
import UIColor_Additions

// Create a new color
let myColor = UIColor(hex: "#FF0000")

// Get the hex representation of a color
let hexString = myColor.toHexString()

// Manipulate color components
let modifiedColor = myColor.adjustBrightness(by: 0.5)


The UIColor+Additions library provides the following additional methods:

  • hex: Create a UIColor instance from a hexadecimal string representation.
  • toHexString: Get the hexadecimal string representation of a UIColor instance.
  • adjustBrightness: Adjust the brightness of a UIColor instance by a specified amount.


The UIColor+Additions library introduces the following additional properties:

  • redComponent: The red component value of the UIColor instance.
  • greenComponent: The green component value of the UIColor instance.
  • blueComponent: The blue component value of the UIColor instance.
  • alpha: The alpha (transparency) value of the UIColor instance.


If you would like to contribute to UIColor+Additions, please follow these steps:

1. Fork the repository.

2. Create a new branch for your changes.

3. Make your changes and commit them.

4. Push your changes to your forked repository.

5. Submit a pull request with your changes.


UIColor+Additions is released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more details.