Welcome to UCZProgressView! This library provides a customizable and animated progress view for iOS apps. Whether you need a progress indicator or a loading spinner, UCZProgressView has got you covered. With a wide range of configurations and animations, you can easily integrate this component into your projects.


  • Customizable progress view
  • Smooth and animated transitions
  • Multiple animation types available
  • Various customization options
  • Easy integration into iOS apps


To integrate UCZProgressView into your project, you have multiple options:


  1. Add the following line to your Podfile:
  2. pod 'UCZProgressView'
  3. Run pod install command in your project directory.
  4. Import the library to start using it:
  5. import UCZProgressView

Manual Installation:

  1. Download the UCZProgressView source files.
  2. Add the files to your Xcode project.
  3. Import the library to start using it:
  4. import UCZProgressView


After you have successfully integrated UCZProgressView into your project, you can start using it in your app. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

Basic Usage:

1. Create an instance of UCZProgressView:

let progressView = UCZProgressView()

2. Add the progress view to your view hierarchy:


3. Customize the appearance and behavior of the progress view as desired:

// Example: Set progress value to 0.5
progressView.setProgress(0.5, animated: true)

Advanced Usage:

UCZProgressView offers advanced customization options to fit your app’s requirements. Here are some features you can utilize:

  • Customize progress bar colors
  • Choose from different animation types
  • Set animation speed and duration
  • Show/hide labels and percent value
  • Control border width and radius

For detailed information on the available customization options, please refer to the documentation or code comments provided directly in the UCZProgressView library.

Additional Resources:

Here are some additional resources that can help you get the most out of UCZProgressView:

Congratulations! You are now well-equipped to use UCZProgressView in your iOS app. Enjoy the seamless and stylish progress view to enhance your user experience. Should you have any questions or encounter any issues, feel free to visit the provided resources for assistance.