TURecipientBar is a flexible library designed for iOS developers to implement a dynamic interface in which users can enter recipients (names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.). This document provides a comprehensive guide to TURecipientBar, its features, set-up, usage, and customization.

TURecipientBar Overview

The TURecipientBar library offers an elegant solution for creating user-friendly interfaces. Utilizing the power of UIKit, it provides developers a configurable tool that enables users to input, display, and manage a list of recipients.

Main Features

  • Auto-complete support for a seamless user experience
  • Select recipient from a user-generated list
  • Delete recipients by tapping a button or backspace
  • Support for custom recipient creation
  • Customize appearance and behavior


The TURecipientBar can easily be integrated with your application via CocoaPods. Here’s how:

# Add the following line to your Podfile
pod 'TURecipientBar'

# Execute the following command in Terminal
pod install


After installation, import the TURecipientBar library in your file like so:

import TURecipientBar

Then, initialize the RecipientBar and set its properties according to your interface needs, such as setting the recipient list, defining custom behaviour and more.


The TURecipientBar offers a diverse range of customization options to suit your app’s design and functionality. You can modify the autocomplete behavior, the visual appearance of the recipients, add event handlers for recipient addition, deletion and selection, among others.


TURecipientBar is an efficient tool for developers looking to enhance the user interface of their applications. Its flexibility and ease of customization make it a valuable addition in facilitating smooth user experiences.