About TOAppRater

TOAppRater is a powerful API that allows developers to easily implement a rating prompt in their iOS applications. With TOAppRater, you can prompt users to rate your app in the App Store, increasing the visibility and success of your app. This documentation will guide you through the necessary steps to integrate TOAppRater into your iOS project.


  • Simple setup and configuration process
  • Customizable appearance and behavior
  • Flexible rating conditions and rules
  • Localization support
  • Compatible with iOS 9.0 and above


  1. Using CocoaPods:
  2. pod 'TOAppRater'
  3. Manually:
    • Download the TOAppRater framework from the “>GitHub repository
    • Add the TOAppRater framework to your Xcode project


To configure TOAppRater in your app, follow these steps:

  1. In your app delegate, import the TOAppRater framework:
  2. import TOAppRater
  3. Inside the application(_:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:) method, add the following code:
  4. TOAppRater.shared.configure(withAppId: "")
  5. You can customize the rating prompt appearance by using the configuration property of the shared TOAppRater instance:
  6. TOAppRater.shared.configuration.title = "Enjoying our app?"
    TOAppRater.shared.configuration.message = "If you have a moment, please rate us on the App Store."
    TOAppRater.shared.configuration.cancelButtonTitle = "No, thanks"
    TOAppRater.shared.configuration.rateButtonTitle = "Rate now"
    TOAppRater.shared.configuration.remindButtonTitle = "Remind me later"


To prompt the user to rate your app, call the promptForRating() method:


Advanced Configuration

TOAppRater allows you to set conditions and rules for displaying the rating prompt:

  • Minimum Version: Set the minimum app version for the prompt to appear.
  • Usage Threshold: Specify the number of app launches before the prompt shows up.
  • Days Until Prompt: Set the number of days since the first launch before the prompt appears.
  • Events Until Prompt: Determine the number of custom events performed before the prompt is displayed.
  • Days Until Remind: Specify the number of days until the reminder prompt appears after the user selects the ‘Remind me later’ option.

You can access these configuration properties through the configuration property of the TOAppRater.shared instance:

TOAppRater.shared.configuration.minimumVersion = "1.2.0"
TOAppRater.shared.configuration.usageThreshold = 5
TOAppRater.shared.configuration.daysUntilPrompt = 7
TOAppRater.shared.configuration.eventsUntilPrompt = 3
TOAppRater.shared.configuration.daysUntilRemind = 3


TOAppRater supports localization. To use a different language, add a Localizable.strings file to your project and include the appropriate translations.

The following keys are available for translation:

"TOAppRater_prompt_title" = "Enjoying our app?";
"TOAppRater_prompt_message" = "If you have a moment, please rate us on the App Store.";
"TOAppRater_prompt_cancel" = "No, thanks";
"TOAppRater_prompt_rate" = "Rate now";
"TOAppRater_prompt_remind" = "Remind me later";
"TOAppRater_feedback_title" = "Rate %@";
"TOAppRater_feedback_message" = "If you enjoy using %@, please take a moment to rate it. Thanks for your support!";


Congratulations! You have successfully integrated TOAppRater into your iOS app. With TOAppRater, you can now receive valuable user feedback and increase your app’s visibility in the App Store. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.