TimeZonePicker is a comprehensive library that simplifies the process of selecting time zones for developers. It offers an intuitive interface and powerful functionality to seamlessly integrate time zone selection into your application.


  • Easy integration: Quickly integrate time zone selection into your application
  • Extensive database: Access a comprehensive database of time zones covering various regions
  • User-friendly interface: Provides an intuitive and interactive UI for selecting time zones
  • Flexible customization: Customize the appearance and behavior of TimeZonePicker to suit your application’s requirements
  • Compatibility: Works smoothly across different platforms and devices
  • Updated information: The time zone database is regularly updated to ensure accuracy

Getting Started


To install TimeZonePicker, follow these steps:

  1. Open your terminal or command prompt
  2. Navigate to your project directory
  3. Run the following command to add TimeZonePicker as a dependency:
npm install time-zone-picker


Follow the steps below to start using TimeZonePicker:

  1. Import the library into your project:
import TimeZonePicker from 'time-zone-picker';
  1. Create an instance of TimeZonePicker:
const timeZonePicker = new TimeZonePicker();
  1. Use the provided methods to display and interact with the time zone selection UI.


Here’s an example of how to use TimeZonePicker:

// Display the time zone selection interface

// Listen for the user's time zone selection
timeZonePicker.on('timezoneSelected', (timezone) => {
  console.log('Selected time zone:', timezone);


TimeZonePicker offers various customization options to tailor the appearance and behavior of the time zone selection UI. You can modify settings such as colors, styles, language, and more. Here’s an example of how to customize TimeZonePicker:

const timeZonePicker = new TimeZonePicker({
  theme: 'dark',
  language: 'en',
  showSearch: true,
  // Add more customization options as needed

API Documentation

TimeZonePicker provides a comprehensive API to interact with the library and access its functionalities. Refer to the following documentation for detailed information on available methods, events, and callbacks:

TimeZonePicker API Documentation

Support and Resources

If you encounter any issues or have questions, the following resources are available:

TimeZonePicker is the ultimate solution for seamless time zone selection in your application. With its user-friendly interface, extensive database, and powerful customization options, integrating time zone selection has never been easier. Start using TimeZonePicker today to enhance your application’s functionality and user experience.