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To install TheChefzPayments, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have CocoaPods installed by running the command pod --version in your terminal. If not installed, refer to the CocoaPods website for installation instructions.
  2. Add TheChefzPayments to your project’s Podfile:
    pod 'TheChefzPayments'
  3. Run pod install in your project’s root directory.
  4. Open your project’s .xcworkspace file to start using TheChefzPayments.


Follow these steps to use TheChefzPayments in your project:

  1. Import the framework in your source file:
    import TheChefzPayments
  2. Create an instance of TheChefzPaymentsManager:
    let paymentsManager = TheChefzPaymentsManager()
  3. Configure the manager with your payment provider keys:
    paymentsManager.configure(with: "yourPublicKey", and: "yourPrivateKey")
  4. Use the manager’s methods to process payments and handle payment callbacks.

API Reference

TheChefzPayments provides the following methods:

  1. configure(with:and:)
    Configures the payment manager with your payment provider keys.


    • publicKey (String): Your payment provider public key.
    • privateKey (String): Your payment provider private key.
  2. processPayment(with:)
    Processes a payment with the provided payment details.


    • paymentDetails (PaymentDetails): Contains payment information like amount, currency, and customer details.
  3. handlePaymentCallback(from:)
    Handles the payment callback received from the payment provider.


    • url (URL): The URL received in the app delegate’s openURL method.


Example 1: Configuring TheChefzPaymentsManager

// Import the framework
import TheChefzPayments

// Create an instance of TheChefzPaymentsManager
let paymentsManager = TheChefzPaymentsManager()

// Configure the manager with your payment provider keys
paymentsManager.configure(with: "yourPublicKey", and: "yourPrivateKey")

Example 2: Processing a Payment

// Create a PaymentDetails object
let paymentDetails = PaymentDetails(amount: 50.0, currency: "USD", customerName: "John Doe", customerEmail: "")

// Process payment using the manager
paymentsManager.processPayment(with: paymentDetails)

Example 3: Handling Payment Callback

// In your app delegate's openURL method, call handlePaymentCallback
func application(_ app: UIApplication, open url: URL, options: [UIApplication.OpenURLOptionsKey: Any] = [:]) -> Bool {
    paymentsManager.handlePaymentCallback(from: url)
    return true


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