SnowplowTracker is a powerful analytics tool for iOS applications. It allows you to track various metrics and user interactions within your app, enabling you to make data-driven decisions. Leveraging SnowplowTracker, you can gain valuable insights into your users’ behavior, measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and optimize your app’s performance.


To get started with SnowplowTracker, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Terminal and navigate to your project directory.
  2. Add the SnowplowTracker dependency to your Podfile:

pod 'SnowplowTracker'

  1. Save the Podfile and run pod install in Terminal.
  2. Open your Xcode project workspace (.xcworkspace file).
  3. Import the SnowplowTracker framework in your code:

import SnowplowTracker


Single Event Tracking

The SnowplowTracker framework allows you to track various types of events within your app. Here’s an example of tracking a single event:

let tracker = Snowplow.createTracker(namespace: "yourNamespace", endpoint: "")

tracker.trackStructuredEvent(category: "User Interaction", action: "Button Pressed", label: "Home Screen")

Contextual Event Tracking

SnowplowTracker also supports contextual event tracking, where you can include additional information with each event. This can help you gather more detailed data about user interactions. Here’s an example:

let context = Snowplow.createContext()
context.add(key: "Screen Name", value: "Home")
context.addDouble(key: "Scroll Offset", value: 345.87)

tracker.trackStructuredEvent(category: "User Interaction", action: "Scroll", label: "Article Detail", context: context)

Additional Features

Custom Structured Events

In addition to the predefined event types, SnowplowTracker allows you to define custom structured events that match your app’s specific needs. Here’s an example:

let customStructure = Snowplow.createCustomStructure()
customStructure.set(key: "Custom Key", value: "Custom Value")

tracker.trackStructuredEvent(category: "Custom Event", action: "Custom Action", label: "Custom Label", context: context, customStructure: customStructure)

Session Tracking and Storage

SnowplowTracker provides built-in session tracking and storage capabilities, allowing you to track user engagement and store events locally when the device is offline. This helps ensure data integrity and enables seamless tracking across sessions. Here’s an example:


Configuration Options

Tracker Configuration

When setting up SnowplowTracker, you can customize various options to meet your specific requirements. Consider the following configuration options:

  • Endpoint URL: Replace with your Snowplow collector endpoint.
  • Namespace: Replace yourNamespace with a unique identifier for your app.

let tracker = Snowplow.createTracker(namespace: "yourNamespace", endpoint: "")

Context Configuration

Context allows you to add additional custom information to events. Here are some options:

  • Key: Replace Custom Key with your desired key.
  • Value: Replace Custom Value with the corresponding value for the chosen key.

context.add(key: "Custom Key", value: "Custom Value")

Custom Structure Configuration

Custom structure enables you to define additional information for events. Here are some options:

  • Key: Replace Custom Key with your desired key.
  • Value: Replace Custom Value with the corresponding value for the chosen key.

customStructure.set(key: "Custom Key", value: "Custom Value")


SnowplowTracker is a comprehensive analytics tool that empowers iOS app developers with powerful tracking capabilities. By integrating SnowplowTracker into your app, you can gain valuable insights and optimize your app’s performance, ultimately improving the user experience. By leveraging the provided instructions and examples, you can easily get started and harness the full potential of SnowplowTracker for your iOS app.