RMDateselectionViewController is a user-friendly and customizable view controller for selecting dates. It provides an intuitive and visually appealing way to allow users to pick dates easily within your iOS application. This documentation will guide you on how to integrate RMDateselectionViewController into your project, customize its appearance, and utilize its features effectively.

How to Install

To integrate RMDateselectionViewController into your project, you can either use CocoaPods or manually add the files.

Using CocoaPods

1. Add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'RMDateselectionViewController'

2. Run the command pod install to install the RMDateselectionViewController.

Manual Installation

1. Download the RMDateselectionViewController ZIP file from the official GitHub repository.

2. Unzip the file and copy the RMDateselectionViewController folder into your project.

3. Make sure to include the necessary dependencies such as UIKit and Foundation frameworks in your project.

How to Use

To utilize RMDateselectionViewController, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Import the necessary files

Import the RMDateselectionViewController into your view controller where you wish to use it.

import RMDateselectionViewController

Step 2: Create an instance

Create an instance of RMDateselectionViewController using the designated initializer.

let dateSelectionViewController = RMDateselectionViewController()

Step 3: Present the view controller

Present the RMDateselectionViewController using your desired method, such as present(_:animated:completion:).

present(dateSelectionViewController, animated: true, completion: nil)


RMDateselectionViewController provides several customization options to match your application’s look and feel. Below are some of the options available:

1. Limit the date range

You can set a minimum and maximum date for selection using the minimumDate and maximumDate properties of the RMDateselectionViewController instance. Example:

dateSelectionViewController.minimumDate = Date()

2. Change the default date

You can set a default date to be initially displayed using the selectedDate property of the RMDateselectionViewController instance. Example:

dateSelectionViewController.selectedDate = Date()

3. Customize appearance

You can customize various aspects of the RMDateselectionViewController appearance. Some of the available options include:

  • Change text color using the textColor property.
  • Modify background color using the backgroundColor property.
  • Set a custom font using the font property.
  • Alter button colors through buttonTextColor and buttonBackgroundColor properties.


With its intuitive UX, easy integration, and customization options, RMDateselectionViewController is an excellent choice for implementing date selection functionality within your iOS application. By following this guide, you should now be able to successfully integrate the view controller into your project and customize it to suit your needs.