Welcome to the documentation for the Dropbox Sync API SDK. This SDK provides developers with the necessary tools to integrate Dropbox Sync functionality into their applications. With the Dropbox Sync API SDK, you can easily add features like file syncing, sharing, and content collaboration to your app.

Getting Started


  • Ensure you have a Dropbox account
  • Register your application with Dropbox API to obtain an app key
  • For iOS development, you need Xcode and iOS SDK installed on your system
  • For Android development, you need Android Studio or Eclipse with Android SDK installed


To integrate the Dropbox Sync API SDK into your project, follow the steps below:

  1. Include the Dropbox Sync API SDK as a dependency in your project
  2. Configure your app’s manifest file with the necessary permissions
  3. Include the necessary import statements in your code files
  4. Initialize the Dropbox Sync API SDK with your app key
  5. Authenticate the user using their Dropbox credentials
  6. Start using the Dropbox Sync API functionality in your app


Classes and Methods

The Dropbox Sync API SDK provides a set of classes and methods to interact with Dropbox services. Some of the key classes and methods include:

  • DBAccountManager: This class manages the OAuth 2.0 authentication process.
  • DBFilesystem: This class represents the local filesystem and provides methods for file operations.
  • DBFile: This class represents a file in the Dropbox filesystem and provides methods for file-related operations.
  • DBPath: This class represents the path to a file or directory in the Dropbox filesystem and provides methods for path manipulation.

Sync and File Operations

Once authenticated and initialized, you can perform various operations on files and folders using the provided methods. Some example operations include:

  • Creating a New Folder: Use the createFolder: method to create a new folder in the Dropbox filesystem.
  • Uploading Files: Use the uploadFile: method to upload a file to Dropbox.
  • Downloading Files: Use the openFile: and readData: methods to download and read file data from Dropbox.
  • Syncing Changes: The Dropbox Sync API SDK automatically syncs changes made locally and remotely. Use the provided methods to detect and handle sync events.

Code Examples

Below are some code examples to help you get started:


// Initialize Dropbox Sync API SDK
DBAccountManager *accountManager = [[DBAccountManager alloc] initWithAppKey:@"YOUR_APP_KEY"];

// Authenticate user
[accountManager linkFromController:self];

// Create a new folder
[[DBFilesystem sharedFilesystem] createFolder:[DBPath root] error:nil];

// Upload a file
NSData *fileData = [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:@"file_path"];
[[DBFilesystem sharedFilesystem] uploadFile:@"file_name" toPath:[DBPath root] withParentRev:nil fromPath:fileData];

// Download and read file data
DBFile *file = [[DBFilesystem sharedFilesystem] openFile:[DBPath root]];
NSData *fileData = [file readData:nil];

// Syncing changes
[[DBFilesystem sharedFilesystem] addObserver:self forPathAndChildren:[DBPath root] block:^{
    // Handle sync events


// Initialize Dropbox Sync API SDK
DbxAccountManager accountManager = new DbxAccountManager(

// Authenticate user
accountManager.startLink(this, DbxAccountManager.Request.DEFAULT);

// Create a new folder
DbxPath folderPath = new DbxPath("/");
DbxFileSystem dbxFileSystem = DbxFileSystem.forAccount(accountManager.getLinkedAccount());

// Upload a file
File file = new File("file_path");
FileInputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream(file);
DbxFile dbxFile = dbxFileSystem.create(folderPath.child("file_name"));
dbxFile.writeFromExistingFile(inputStream, false);

// Download and read file data
DbxPath filePath = folderPath.child("file_name");
DbxFile dbxFile = dbxFileSystem.open(filePath);
InputStream inputStream = dbxFile.getReadStream();
byte[] fileData = IOUtils.toByteArray(inputStream);

// Syncing changes
DbxSyncStatusListener listener = dbxFileSystem.addSyncStatusListener(new DbxSyncStatusListener() {
    public void onSyncStatusChange(DbxFileSystem dbxFileSystem) {
        // Handle sync events


Congratulations! You have successfully integrated the Dropbox Sync API SDK into your application. You can now take advantage of Dropbox Sync functionality to enhance your app’s features. For detailed information on all available classes and methods, refer to the official Dropbox Sync API SDK documentation.