Audioplayer SwiftFT is a powerful audio player library for iOS that allows developers to easily integrate audio playback features into their applications. With SwiftFT, you can enjoy seamless audio streaming, play and control audio files from various sources, and customize the audio player’s appearance to match your app’s design.


  • Supports audio streaming from various sources, including remote URLs
  • Play, pause, stop, skip, and seek audio files
  • Customizable audio player interface
  • Supports background audio playback
  • Easy integration with standard media controls
  • Provides callback methods for tracking audio playback states
  • Handles interruptions, incoming calls, and headset events gracefully
  • Efficient buffering and caching for smooth playback


To use Audioplayer SwiftFT in your iOS project, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project in Xcode.
  2. Go to File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency.
  3. In the package URL field, enter
  4. Click Next, then choose the desired version of Audioplayer SwiftFT.
  5. Click Finish to add the library to your project.


Follow the steps below to integrate Audioplayer SwiftFT into your iOS application:

1. Import Audioplayer SwiftFT

In your code file, import Audioplayer SwiftFT:

import AudioplayerSwiftFT

2. Create an Instance of Audioplayer

Create an instance of `Audioplayer` in your class:

let audioPlayer = Audioplayer()

3. Load an Audio File

Load an audio file by providing its URL:

audioPlayer.load(audioFileURL: myAudioURL)

4. Control Audio Playback

Control audio playback using the following methods:

  • – Start playback
  • audioPlayer.pause() – Pause playback
  • audioPlayer.stop() – Stop playback
  • audioPlayer.skipToNext() – Skip to the next track
  • timeInSeconds) – Seek to a specific position in the track

5. Customize Audio Player

Customize the appearance and behavior of the audio player using various properties and methods. For example:

  • audioPlayer.volume = 0.8 – Set the volume of the player
  • audioPlayer.loopMode = .single – Set the audio loop mode

6. Track Audio Playback

Implement the necessary delegate methods to track audio playback states:

class MyViewController: UIViewController, AudioplayerDelegate {
    // Implement the delegate methods for tracking playback states


Audioplayer SwiftFT provides a straightforward solution for implementing audio playback functionality in your iOS app. With its powerful features and customization options, you can create a seamless and engaging audio experience for your users. Get started with Audioplayer SwiftFT and take your audio applications to the next level!