The ASValueTrackingSlider is an ASValueTrackingSlider is a slider control similar to UISlider, but with a built-in UILabel to display the current value as the slider is being interacted with. It is fully customizable and can be used to provide better user feedback when adjusting a value.

Here are some key features of ASValueTrackingSlider:

  • Displays the current value of the slider in a label while dragging
  • Customizable appearance with various styling options
  • Delegate methods to handle value change events
  • Support for both horizontal and vertical sliders
  • Option to enable/disable continuous value updates
  • Convenient access to the minimum and maximum values

To use ASValueTrackingSlider in your project, follow these steps:


You can install ASValueTrackingSlider using CocoaPods or manually.

CocoaPods Installation

To install ASValueTrackingSlider using CocoaPods, add the following line to your Podfile:

pod ‘ASValueTrackingSlider’

Then run the command pod install in your terminal.

Manual Installation

If you prefer manual installation, follow these steps:

  • Download the latest version of ASValueTrackingSlider from GitHub repository.
  • Drag and drop the ASValueTrackingSlider.swift file into your project.


To use ASValueTrackingSlider in your view controller:

1. Import ASValueTrackingSlider:

import ASValueTrackingSlider

2. Create an instance of ASValueTrackingSlider:

let valueTrackingSlider = ASValueTrackingSlider()

3. Customize the appearance and behavior using the available properties:

valueTrackingSlider.minValue = 0
valueTrackingSlider.maxValue = 100
valueTrackingSlider.value = 50
valueTrackingSlider.popUpViewColor = .green
valueTrackingSlider.popUpViewArrowLength = 10
valueTrackingSlider.popUpViewCornerRadius = 8
// … customize further

4. Set the delegate to handle value change events:

valueTrackingSlider.addTarget(self, action: #selector(valueChanged), for: .valueChanged)

5. Implement the valueChanged method:

@objc private func valueChanged() {
let currentValue = valueTrackingSlider.value
// do something with the current value

Delegate Methods

The ASValueTrackingSliderDelegate provides the following optional methods:

  • sliderWillDisplayPopUpView(_:): Called when the pop-up view is about to be shown.
  • sliderWillHidePopUpView(_:): Called when the pop-up view is about to be hidden.
  • sliderDidHidePopUpView(_:): Called after the pop-up view has been hidden.

Further Customization

In addition to the properties mentioned earlier, ASValueTrackingSlider provides further customization options. You can refer to the class documentation for a full list of available properties and methods.


ASValueTrackingSlider is a versatile and customizable slider control that provides enhanced user feedback for adjusting values. It allows you to display the current value conveniently, making it an ideal choice for various UI scenarios.