About ARNTransitionAnimator

ARNTransitionAnimator is a powerful animation framework for iOS that allows developers to create custom animations during transitions between view controllers.


  • Provides seamless view controller transitioning with custom animations
  • Supports interactive transitioning
  • Enables easy customization and configuration of animations
  • Animates view controllers using 3D effects
  • Smoothly integrates with UIKit


  • iOS 11.0 or later
  • Xcode 12.0 or later
  • Swift 5.0 or later


pod 'ARNTransitionAnimator'


To use ARNTransitionAnimator in your project, follow these steps:

  1. Import ARNTransitionAnimator.
  2. Create a custom animator object and set its properties.
  3. Conform to the ARNTransitionAnimatorDataSource and ARNTransitionAnimatorDelegate protocols.
  4. Implement the required methods for the protocols to provide the necessary data and handle events.
  5. Initialize the transition animator with the necessary parameters.
  6. Perform the view controller transition using the animator object.


import ARNTransitionAnimator

class ViewController: UIViewController, ARNTransitionAnimatorDataSource, ARNTransitionAnimatorDelegate {
    // ...Code for view controller and other methods...
    func startTransitionAnimator() {
        // Create and configure the animator
        let animator = ARNTransitionAnimator(duration: 0.5)
        animator.fromView = // Get the view from which you are transitioning
        animator.toView = // Get the view to which you are transitioning
        animator.fromFrame = // Set the frame of the fromView
        animator.toFrame = // Set the frame of the toView
        // Set the data source and delegate
        animator.dataSource = self
        animator.delegate = self
        // Perform the transition
    // Implement required methods for ARNTransitionAnimatorDataSource and ARNTransitionAnimatorDelegate protocols here


For detailed usage instructions, API reference, and examples, refer to the official documentation:


ARNTransitionAnimator is released under the MIT License.