Welcome to the documentation for AppRating!

What is AppRating?

AppRating is a powerful rating and review management tool for mobile applications.


  • Easily gather user ratings and reviews for your app
  • Efficiently manage and respond to user feedback
  • Analyze user sentiments and track app performance over time
  • Customize the rating interface to match your app’s design
  • Integration with popular app stores and platforms


To install AppRating, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up for an AppRating account on our website
  2. Download the AppRating SDK
  3. Add the SDK to your app project
  4. Initialize the SDK with your API key
  5. Configure the rating interface and options
  6. Build and deploy your app

Getting Started

To get started with AppRating, you need to:

  1. Include the AppRating library in your project
  2. Create an instance of the AppRating class
  3. Initialize the library with your API key and settings
  4. Add the necessary UI components to your app
  5. Handle events and callbacks from the library

API Reference

The following is a list of the available API methods and their usage:

Method 1

Description of method 1.

appRating.method1(param1, param2);

Method 2

Description of method 2.


Method 3

Description of method 3.



If you encounter any issues with AppRating, refer to the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure that you have included the correct API key
  • Check that your app’s bundle identifier matches the registered app in AppRating
  • Verify that the SDK version is compatible with your app’s development environment
  • Review the error messages in the console for any hints on the issue
  • Contact our support team for further assistance


With AppRating, managing user ratings and reviews for your mobile app has never been easier. Follow the documentation above to get started on integrating AppRating into your app and enhancing your user feedback experience.