APExtensions is a robust and flexible Swift library that provides a wide range of functionality to enrich the development experience in Swift. This compact and performance-optimized tool facilitates common coding chores, increasing overall productivity for Swift developers.

Key Features

  • Compact and performance optimized
  • Offers universal extensions for UIKit, SwiftUI and Foundation
  • Categorized and neatly organized
  • Consistently updated and maintained


To get started with APExtensions, you need to install it in your Swift project. The installation can be conveniently done using the CocoaPods package manager. Add the following line to your Podfile and run ‘pod install’ from the command line:

pod 'APExtensions'


Comprehensive documentation is available for a thorough understanding of the functionalities offered by APExtensions. This includes usage instructions, API references, and examples. The documentation helps developers leverage the full power of APExtensions with minimal hassle.

Version Compatibility

The current version of APExtensions is compatible with Swift 5.0, iOS 12, and above. Continuous updates ensure the library remains compatible with the latest operations systems and Swift versions.

Contact and Contributions

For any inquiries or suggestions, you can reach out to the maintainers of APExtensions. They also welcome any contributions or improvements to the library from the Swift developer community.