Welcome to the documentation for the APCDController framework. This framework provides a set of tools and utilities for controlling and managing APCD (Air Pollution Control Device) systems. In this documentation, you will find information about how to install and configure the framework, as well as details on its various features and functionalities.


To install the APCDController framework, follow these steps:

  • Download the latest version of the framework from the official website.
  • Extract the downloaded file to your desired location.
  • Open the terminal and navigate to the framework’s root directory.
  • Run the command pod install to install the necessary dependencies.

Once the installation is complete, you can proceed with configuring the framework.


Before you can start using the APCDController framework, you need to configure it with your specific settings. Follow the steps below to configure the framework:

  • Open the project in Xcode.
  • Locate the APCDConfig.swift file in the project navigator.
  • Update the configuration settings according to your requirements.
  • Save the file.


The APCDController framework provides various functions and utilities to control and manage APCD systems. Below are some of the key features and their usage:

Device Control

The framework allows you to control the APCD devices connected to your system. Use the following code to control the devices:

APCDController.shared.turnOnDevice(deviceID: "device1")

The turnOnDevice function turns on the specified device.

Data Retrieval

You can retrieve data from the APCD devices using the provided functions. Use the following code to retrieve data:

let deviceData = APCDController.shared.getData(deviceID: "device1")

The getData function retrieves data from the specified device and returns it as an object.


The framework allows you to obtain statistical information about the APCD devices. Use the following code to retrieve statistics:

let deviceStats = APCDController.shared.getStatistics(deviceID: "device1")

The getStatistics function retrieves statistical information about the specified device and returns it as an object.


If you would like to contribute to the development of the APCDController framework, please follow the guidelines outlined in the Contributing document.


The APCDController framework is released under the MIT License. For more information, see the License file.