About AnyDate

AnyDate library is an extraordinarily convenient kit for dealing with Calendar calculations, Time Zone conversions, and Date/Time formats. It assists iOS developers in addressing the complications of date and time calculations due to time zones and daylight saving alterations.


  • Precise calculations involving dates, times, and intervals
  • Support for various calendar systems
  • Compatible with international time zones
  • Converts between calendar components and Date/Time string formats easily
  • Adjusts for daylight saving time
  • Written in Swift and fully i18n-ready


To install AnyDate in your iOS project, you can use package managers such as CocoaPods or Carthage.

Installation using CocoaPods

In your podfile, insert ‘pod “AnyDate”‘. Then, open the terminal, navigate to your project directory, and type ‘pod install’.

Installation using Carthage

To use Carthage, append ‘github “AnyDate/AnyDate”‘ to your Cartfile and run ‘carthage update –use-xcframeworks’. Then link the newly compiled .xcframework to your Xcode project.


After installation, import AnyDate in your Swift code with ‘import AnyDate’ command. For dates and times manipulation, date conversion, handling intervals and performing precise calendar calculations, AnyDate provides a set of functions and properties.


For further information, please see the official documentation.


Contributions are warmly welcomed. Open an issue or submit a pull request to propose improvements or additions to the codebase.