Anchors is a lightweight Swift library that simplifies the process of creating and managing programmatic Auto Layout constraints.


To integrate Anchors into your Xcode project, you can use CocoaPods or manually add the library.


To use CocoaPods, add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'Anchors'

Manual Installation

  1. Download the Anchors repository from GitHub.
  2. Drag and drop the Anchors folder into your Xcode project.
  3. Make sure to check the “Copy items if needed” box and select your target.
  4. Import Anchors wherever you plan to use it:
    import Anchors


Anchoring a Single View

To anchor a single view in your layout, use the anchor method:

view.anchor([.top, .leading], to: parentView)

Anchoring Multiple Views

If you want to anchor multiple views to each other or a common parent view, you can leverage the anchor(to:) method:

view1.anchor([.top], to: parentView)
view2.anchor([.leading, .bottom], to: view1)

Anchoring to Safe Areas

Anchors also provides support for anchoring views to safe areas:

view.anchor([.top, .leading, .trailing], toSafeAreasOf: parentView)

Activating Constraints

By default, Anchors automatically activates the created constraints. If you need to handle activation manually, use the activate() method:

let constraints = view.anchor([.top, .leading], to: parentView)
// ...

Updating Constraints

To update constraints later on, use the update() method:

let constraints = view.anchor([.top, .trailing], to: parentView)
// ...

Deactivating Constraints

When you want to remove or deactivate constraints, use the deactivate() method:



With Anchors, you can easily manage Auto Layout constraints in your Swift projects. Get started today by installing Anchors and experimenting with programmatic constraints creation.


Q: Can I use Anchors with storyboards or XIB files?

A: Yes, Anchors can be used in conjunction with storyboards or XIB files. Simply initialize your view controllers programmatically and use Anchors for convenient Auto Layout constraint management.

Q: Does Anchors support iOS versions prior to iOS 9?

A: No, Anchors requires a minimum deployment target of iOS 9 or later.

Q: Can Anchors be used with SwiftUI?

A: Anchors is designed to work with UIKit-based projects. To use Auto Layout constraints with SwiftUI, consider using SwiftUI’s native layout system.

Q: Can I contribute to the Anchors library?

A: Absolutely! Contributions are welcome. Feel free to submit a pull request on the Anchors GitHub repository.

Q: Where can I find more examples and documentation for Anchors?

A: Additional examples and documentation can be found in the Anchors GitHub wiki. Make sure to check it out for more detailed guidance on using the library.