## Description

AMRAdapterTapjoy is a library that enables integration of the Tapjoy mediation platform in apps that use the AMR advertising framework. This library provides a simple and convenient way to incorporate Tapjoy’s ad offerings into your app, allowing you to monetize your content efficiently.

## Features

– Easy integration of Tapjoy mediation platform
– Efficient monetization of app content
– Wide range of ad offerings from Tapjoy
– Improved revenue generation through targeted ads

## Installation

To integrate AMRAdapterTapjoy into your app, simply follow these steps:

1. **Step 1:** Open your app’s `Podfile` and add the following lines:
pod ‘AMRAdapterTapjoy’

2. **Step 2:** Run the following command to install the library:
$ pod install

3. **Step 3:** Import the library in your app’s code files:
import AMRAdapterTapjoy

## Usage

To start using AMRAdapterTapjoy, follow these steps:

1. **Step 1:** Initialize the library with your Tapjoy SDK key in your app’s `AppDelegate` class:
import AMRAdapterTapjoy

func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {

// Additional initialization code

return true

2. **Step 2:** Implement the necessary delegate methods in your ad view controller:
import AMRAdapterTapjoy

class AdViewController: UIViewController, AMRAdapterTapjoyInterstitialDelegate, AMRAdapterTapjoyBannerDelegate {

// Implement necessary delegate methods for interstitial and banner ads


3. **Step 3:** Load and display Tapjoy interstitial ads wherever appropriate in your app:
import AMRAdapterTapjoy

AMRAdapterTapjoyInterstitial.sharedInstance().delegate = self

// Load interstitial ad

// Show interstitial ad

4. **Step 4:** Load and display Tapjoy banner ads in your app:
import AMRAdapterTapjoy

AMRAdapterTapjoyBanner.sharedInstance().delegate = self

// Load banner ad
AMRAdapterTapjoyBanner.sharedInstance().loadBanner(“YOUR_PLACEMENT”, adSize: YOUR_AD_SIZE, forContainer: yourBannerContainerView)

// Show banner ad

## Documentation

For more detailed information and advanced usage of AMRAdapterTapjoy, please refer to the official [documentation](

## Additional Resources

– Tapjoy SDK Documentation: [](
– AMR Framework Documentation: [](

Now you can easily integrate Tapjoy mediation platform into your app using AMRAdapterTapjoy library. Get started and monetize your app efficiently!