AlamofireXMLRPC is an Alamofire extension that enables easy integration of XML-RPC communication within your Swift projects.



  1. Open your terminal and navigate to your project directory.
  2. Run the command pod init to create a Podfile.
  3. Edit the Podfile and add the following line: pod 'AlamofireXMLRPC', '~> 1.0'.
  4. Save the Podfile and run the command pod install.
  5. Import the AlamofireXMLRPC module where it’s needed in your project by using import AlamofireXMLRPC.


XML-RPC Request

To make a request to an XML-RPC server, use the AF.request function provided by Alamofire. Pass the URL of the XML-RPC server as the first argument, and provide the method name, parameters, and completion handler as shown below:

AF.request(serverURL, method: .post, parameters: xmlrpcParams)
.responseXMLRPC { response in
switch response.result {
case .success(let value):
// Handle successful response
case .failure(let error):
// Handle error

XMLRPCRequestConvertible Protocol

To create XML-RPC requests with AlamofireXMLRPC, your parameters must conform to the XMLRPCRequestConvertible protocol. This protocol requires implementing the xmlrpcEncoded() function.

struct MyParameters: XMLRPCRequestConvertible {
let param1: String
let param2: Int

func xmlrpcEncoded() -> [Any] {
// Encode parameters as an array or struct as per XML-RPC conventions
return [param1, param2]

XML-RPC Response

The response from an XML-RPC server is available through the responseXMLRPC property of the AFDataResponse object that you receive in the completion handler. You can access the result using response.result and handle it accordingly.

case .success(let value):
if let result = value as? String {
// Handle response as String
} else if let result = value as? [String: Any] {
// Handle response as Dictionary

Additional Functionality

SSL Pinning

AlamofireXMLRPC supports SSL pinning, allowing you to enhance the security of your XML-RPC requests. Refer to the Alamofire documentation on SSL pinning for more details on implementation.

Custom Headers

You can add custom headers to your XML-RPC requests by using the headers property of the URLRequest object provided by Alamofire. Simply set the desired headers before making the request.

var request = URLRequest(url: serverURL)
request.headers.add(HTTPHeader(name: “Custom-Header”, value: “Value”))


AlamofireXMLRPC simplifies XML-RPC communication in Swift projects through its seamless integration with Alamofire. With easy installation, request handling, and additional functionalities such as SSL pinning and custom headers, this extension provides a robust solution for XML-RPC integration.