AlamofireImage is an image library written in Swift that enhances the Alamofire networking library by providing support for downloading, caching, and processing images. It offers a simple and efficient way to handle image loading and management in your iOS or macOS apps.


  • Effortless image downloading and caching
  • Asynchronous image processing
  • Automatic memory management through caching
  • Integration with Alamofire’s networking capabilities
  • Support for placeholder and background images
  • Image filtering and transformations
  • Ability to handle image resizing and cropping


To install AlamofireImage, you can use CocoaPods. Simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'AlamofireImage'


Loading an Image

To load an image, you can use the UIImageView extension provided by AlamofireImage. Simply call the af.setImage(withURL:) method and provide the image URL: URL(string: "")!)

Caching Images

AlamofireImage automatically caches downloaded images for you, making subsequent image requests faster and reducing bandwidth usage. By default, it uses a memory cache and a disk cache. You can control the caching behavior by using different cache policies when making image requests.

Resizing and Cropping Images

AlamofireImage provides convenient methods to resize and crop images according to your needs. You can make use of ResizingOptions and CroppingOptions to specify the desired dimensions and cropping behavior.

Image Filtering and Transformations

You can apply various image filters and transformations to enhance or modify the appearance of images. AlamofireImage supports a wide range of filters, such as blur, grayscale, brightness, contrast, and more. Explore the available options and customize your images as desired.

Advanced Usage

Using a Custom Cache

If you require more control over the caching mechanism, you can create and use a custom cache instead of relying on the default caching provided by AlamofireImage. You can then specify this custom cache while making image requests using the UIImageView extension.

Additional Configuration

AlamofireImage offers additional configuration options to fine-tune the behavior of the image loading and caching process. You can adjust parameters related to caching, decoding, memory management, and more according to your specific requirements.

AlamofireImage simplifies the process of image loading and caching, allowing you to handle images efficiently in your iOS or macOS app. Whether you need basic image loading or advanced image processing, its powerful features and flexible API make it a great choice for your app’s image needs.