## Introduction

Alamofire-Prephirences is a powerful library that combines Alamofire, a popular networking library, with Prephirences, a user-friendly wrapper over UserDefaults. It simplifies the process of making network requests and persisting data using a unified interface.

## Features

– **Seamless Network Requests**: Alamofire-Prephirences seamlessly integrates Alamofire’s networking capabilities, allowing you to easily perform GET, POST, and other common HTTP requests.
– **User Preferences Made Simple**: Prephirences simplifies the process of persisting user preferences by providing a unified interface to interact with UserDefaults.
– **Clean and Structured Code**: Alamofire-Prephirences promotes clean code architecture, making it easier to maintain and update your app’s networking and data persistence logic.

## Installation

### Cocoapods

To integrate Alamofire-Prephirences into your Xcode project using Cocoapods, simply add the following line to your `Podfile`:

pod ‘Alamofire-Prephirences’

Then, run `pod install` command in your terminal.

### Carthage

To integrate Alamofire-Prephirences into your Xcode project using Carthage, follow these steps:

1. Add `github “Thomvis/BrightFutures”` to your `Cartfile`.
2. Run `carthage update` command in your terminal.
3. Drag and drop the built `Alamofire-Prephirences.framework` into your Xcode project.

## Usage

Using Alamofire-Prephirences is straightforward. Import the library in your Swift file, and you are good to go. Follow the example below to get started:

import Alamofire_Prephirences

// Make a GET request example
Alamofire.request(“”).responseJSON { response in
// Handle the network response here

// UserDefaults example
let preferences = Prephirences.standard()
preferences.string(forKey: “username”) // Retrieve the value of a preference
preferences.set(“JohnDoe”, forKey: “username”) // Set the value for a preference
preferences.synchronize() // Save the changes to UserDefaults

## Resources

### Official Repository

You can find the official repository for Alamofire-Prephirences on GitHub: [Alamofire-Prephirences](

### Alamofire Documentation

For detailed information and advanced features of Alamofire, refer to the official documentation: [Alamofire Documentation](

### Prephirences Documentation

For further details and usage examples of Prephirences, consult the official documentation: [Prephirences Documentation](