About AKUTestKit

AKUTestKit is a comprehensive testing framework for iOS and macOS applications. Designed to simplify the testing process, AKUTestKit provides a wide range of tools and features to help developers ensure the quality and reliability of their code.

Key Features

1. Test Case Management

AKUTestKit offers a user-friendly interface for managing test cases. You can create, update, and organize test cases with ease. With built-in support for grouping test cases and assigning test categories, AKUTestKit helps you keep your tests structured and organized.

2. Test Execution

AKUTestKit allows you to execute your test cases with a single click. Whether you prefer running individual test cases or running all tests at once, AKUTestKit provides a seamless testing experience. You can also schedule test runs to automatically execute your tests at specific intervals, saving you time and effort.

3. Test Reporting

With AKUTestKit, you can generate comprehensive test reports that provide detailed insights into the test results. These reports include information about the test cases, execution time, and any failures or errors encountered. You can easily export these reports in various formats, such as HTML or PDF, to share them with your team or stakeholders.

4. Mocking and Stubbing

AKUTestKit offers powerful mocking and stubbing capabilities, allowing you to simulate different scenarios during testing. You can create mocks and stubs for dependencies, simulate network responses, and control the behavior of external services. This helps you isolate your code and ensure that your tests focus on the specific components being tested.

5. Code Coverage Analysis

AKUTestKit includes built-in code coverage analysis tools. You can measure the percentage of code covered by your tests, identify areas that require more test coverage, and ensure that your tests adequately exercise all aspects of your application. This helps you identify potential issues and improve the overall quality of your codebase.

Installation Guide

  1. Open your iOS or macOS project in Xcode.
  2. Add AKUTestKit to your project by one of the following methods:
    • a) Using CocoaPods:
    • pod 'AKUTestKit'

    • b) Using Carthage:
    • github "akunzai/AKUTestKit"

    • c) Manually adding the framework to your project.
  3. Configure your test target to import AKUTestKit:
  4. #import <AKUTestKit/AKUTestKit.h>

  5. You are now ready to start using AKUTestKit in your testing projects!

Getting Started Guide

  1. Create a new test case class extending AKUTestCase.
  2. Implement your test methods using the akutra_assert family of macros to define your test assertions.
  3. Add your test case methods to the test suite using akutra_addTestMethod:.
  4. Run your tests using the test runner provided by AKUTestKit.


Here’s an example test case using AKUTestKit:

#import <AKUTestKit/AKUTestKit.h>

@interface MyTestCase : AKUTestCase

@implementation MyTestCase

- (void)testExample {
    NSString *greeting = @"Hello, AKUTestKit!";
    akutra_assert_equal(greeting.length, 17, @"The greeting should have 17 characters");
    akutra_assert_true([greeting containsString:@"AKUTestKit"], @"The greeting should mention AKUTestKit");



AKUTestKit offers a comprehensive testing solution for iOS and macOS developers. With its range of features, including test case management, test execution, test reporting, mocking and stubbing, and code coverage analysis, it provides all the tools you need to ensure the quality and reliability of your applications. Start using AKUTestKit today and streamline your testing process!