AFOAuth2Manager is a simple and lightweight OAuth2 manager for iOS applications. It provides an easy way for iOS developers to handle OAuth2 authentication flows and manage access tokens.


To integrate AFOAuth2Manager into your iOS project, you can use CocoaPods or manually include the library.

  • CocoaPods

    Add the following line to your Podfile:

    pod 'AFOAuth2Manager'

    Then, run pod install in Terminal.

  • Manually

    Download the latest release from the AFOAuth2Manager GitHub repository. Drag and drop the AFOAuth2Manager folder into your Xcode project.


To use AFOAuth2Manager in your project, follow these steps:

  1. Configure OAuth2 Credentials

    In your AppDelegate or desired configuration file, configure your OAuth2 credentials such as the client_id, client_secret, and redirect_uri. Here’s an example:

    [[AFOAuthCredentialManager sharedManager] setCredential:[AFOAuthCredential credentialWithOAuthToken:@"YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN" tokenType:@"Bearer"];
  2. Authenticate User

    To authenticate a user, you can use the following method:

    [[AFOAuth2Manager sharedManager] authenticateUsingOAuthWithURLString:@"YOUR_AUTH_URL"
        success:^(AFOAuthCredential * credential) {
            // Handle successful authentication
        } failure:^(NSError * error) {
            // Handle authentication failure
  3. Refresh Access Token

    If your access token expires, you can automatically refresh it by calling:

    [[AFOAuth2Manager sharedManager] authenticateUsingOAuthWithURLString:@"YOUR_REFRESH_URL"
        success:^(AFOAuthCredential * credential) {
            // Handle successful token refresh
        } failure:^(NSError * error) {
            // Handle token refresh failure
  4. Make Authenticated Requests

    Once authenticated, you can make authorized API requests using the token:

    [[AFOAuth2Manager sharedManager].requestSerializer setValue:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Bearer %@", [AFOAuthCredential credential].accessToken] forHTTPHeaderField:@"Authorization"];

    Then, create your API request using the AFHTTPSessionManager or AFHTTPRequestOperationManager provided by AFNetworking.


For more detailed information about AFOAuth2Manager, you can refer to the official documentation on the GitHub repository.


If you have found a bug or have a feature request, please check out the contributing guidelines for instructions on how to contribute to the project.


AFOAuth2Manager is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.