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About AFHTTPSessionManager-AFUniqueGet

AFHTTPSessionManager-AFUniqueGet is a powerful library designed to streamline HTTP networking requests and responses in your iOS or macOS app development. Building upon AFNetworking, this library provides additional functionalities, enhancing the overall networking experience. By utilizing unique GET requests, it enables efficient data retrieval and management within your application.

Key Features

  • Simplified HTTP networking with AFNetworking integration.
  • Efficient handling of unique GET requests.
  • Enhanced data retrieval and management capabilities.
  • Robust error handling and request/response monitoring.
  • Support for iOS and macOS development.


Here’s how you can easily install AFHTTPSessionManager-AFUniqueGet into your project:

// Add the following line to your Podfile:
pod 'AFHTTPSessionManager-AFUniqueGet'

// Run the command:
pod install


AFHTTPSessionManager-AFUniqueGet simplifies the process of making unique GET requests and handling their responses. Here’s an example of how you can use it in your code:

// Import the library
import AFHTTPSessionManager-AFUniqueGet

// Create a session manager
let manager = AFHTTPSessionManager()

// Make a unique GET request
manager.get("") { (response, error) in
if let error = error {
// Handle the error
print("An error occurred: \(error.localizedDescription)")
} else {
// Process the response
print("Response received: \(response)")


For detailed information on the library’s classes, methods, and usage, please refer to the official documentation.

We hope this information gives you a good understanding of AFHTTPSessionManager-AFUniqueGet and its capabilities. Should you require further assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Happy coding!