AESKeyWrap is a library that provides algorithms and methods for securely encrypting and decrypting keys using the AES Key Wrap algorithm.

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To install AESKeyWrap, you can use CocoaPods. Simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'AESKeyWrap'

Then run the command pod install to install the dependencies.


To use AESKeyWrap in your project, import the library:

import AESKeyWrap

Once imported, you can use the AESKeyWrap methods to encrypt and decrypt keys with the AES Key Wrap algorithm.

The core methods provided by AESKeyWrap are:

  1. encryptKey(key: Data, wrappingKey: Data) -> Data: Encrypts the provided key using the specified wrapping key.
  2. decryptKey(ciphertext: Data, wrappingKey: Data) -> Data: Decrypts the provided ciphertext using the specified wrapping key.


Here are a few examples of how to use AESKeyWrap:

// Example 1: Encrypt a key using AESKeyWrap
let key = Data(...) // the key to be encrypted
let wrappingKey = Data(...) // the wrapping key

let encryptedKey = AESKeyWrap.encryptKey(key: key, wrappingKey: wrappingKey)
print("Encrypted Key: \(encryptedKey)")

// Example 2: Decrypt a ciphertext using AESKeyWrap
let ciphertext = Data(...) // the ciphertext to be decrypted

let decryptedKey = AESKeyWrap.decryptKey(ciphertext: ciphertext, wrappingKey: wrappingKey)
print("Decrypted Key: \(decryptedKey)")

API Reference

For detailed API reference and additional usage examples, please refer to the official GitHub repository.


This library is released under the MIT License.