Welcome to the documentation for AEConsole, a powerful debugging console for iOS apps. AEConsole provides an interface to log and display debug information during development, making it easier to identify and troubleshoot issues.

Getting Started


To start using AEConsole in your iOS project, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project in Xcode.
  2. Add AEConsole to your project by either:
    • Using CocoaPods: Add the following line to your Podfile and run pod install.
      pod 'AEConsole'
    • Manually: Download the AEConsole framework from the official GitHub repository at Then, drag and drop the framework into your Xcode project.
  3. Import AEConsole in your Swift or Objective-C files where you want to use it.
    // Swift
    import AEConsole
    // Objective-C
    @import AEConsole;


AEConsole is simple to use and provides various debugging functionalities. Here’s an overview of its main features:

Logging Messages

You can log debug messages to AEConsole using the following methods:

  • AEDebug(): Log a general debug message.
  • AEError(): Log an error message.
  • AEWarning(): Log a warning message.
  • AELog(): Log a custom message with a specific tag.

Example usage:

AEDebug("User tapped the button")
AELog(.network, "Network request finished")
AEError("An error occurred")
AEWarning("This is a warning")

Displaying the Console

To view the AEConsole output in your app, simply shake the device or simulate a shake gesture in the iOS Simulator. The console will appear as an overlay on top of your app.


AEConsole provides options to customize its appearance and behavior. You can configure various settings using the AEConsoleSettings class.

Example usage to customize the console background color and text color:

AEConsoleSettings.shared.backgroundColor = UIColor.systemGreen
AEConsoleSettings.shared.textColor = UIColor.white

Advanced Usage

AEConsole offers additional advanced features to enhance your debugging experience. These include:

  • Filtering log messages based on tags
  • Saving logs to a file
  • Selecting and copying logs

Please refer to the official AEConsole GitHub repository for detailed information on advanced usage.


Congratulations! You now have an overview of AEConsole and how to get started with it in your iOS project. AEConsole offers a powerful debugging toolset to streamline your app development process and improve bug tracking. Happy debugging!