Welcome to the Adapprater documentation page! In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information to efficiently integrate and utilize the Adapprater library in your iOS app. Adapprater is a versatile library that simplifies the process of gathering user reviews and ratings for your app.

What is Adapprater?

Adapprater is an iOS library designed to help you to effectively prompt your users to leave reviews and ratings for your app. With Adapprater, you can skillfully engage your users and gain valuable feedback to improve your app’s visibility and performance on the App Store.

Key Features of Adapprater:

  • Straightforward integration and configuration.
  • Customizable prompts with user-friendly dialogs.
  • Flexible review threshold settings.
  • Localization support for multiple languages.
  • Options to redirect users to your app’s review page.
  • Compatible with various iOS versions.

Setup and Integration:

  1. First, install the Adapprater library by including it in your project’s dependency manager file, such as Cocoapods or Swift Package Manager.
  2. Import the Adapprater module into your AppDelegate file:
        import Adapprater
  4. Initialize and configure Adapprater in your AppDelegate’s didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method:
        Adapprater.shared.configure(appID: "yourAppID", daysUntilPrompt: 5, usesUntilPrompt: 10)

    In the above code snippet, replace yourAppID with your actual App Store ID. Adjust the daysUntilPrompt and usesUntilPrompt values according to your requirements.

  6. Optionally, you can customize the appearance and behavior of the prompt dialog or redirect users to your app’s review page. Refer to the Customization section for more details on personalizing the prompts.
  7. When you are ready to prompt the user, call the following method:
        Adapprater.shared.promptIfNeeded(from: viewController)

    Ensure that the viewController parameter is the currently active view controller.


Adapprater provides options to customize the appearance and behavior of the prompt dialog to align with the branding and user experience of your app:

  • promptTitle: String – Customize the title of the prompt dialog.
  • promptMessage: String – Add a custom message to the prompt dialog.
  • rateButtonTitle: String – Modify the label of the rate button.
  • cancelButtonTitle: String – Change the label of the cancel button.
  • redirectURL: URL – Set a custom URL to redirect users to your app’s review page.

To customize the prompt, modify the appropriate properties before calling the promptIfNeeded method. For example:

  Adapprater.shared.promptTitle = "Enjoying Our App?"

  Adapprater.shared.promptIfNeeded(from: viewController)


Adapprater supports localization for a seamless experience across multiple languages. The prompt dialog will automatically adjust based on the user’s device language. To provide translations, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Localizable.strings file in your project.
  2. Add localized keys and values for each supported language.
  3. In the Adapprater configuration, set the defaultLanguage parameter to the default language identifier, such as “en” for English.

With these steps, Adapprater will display the appropriate prompt message based on the user’s device language.


Adapprater is an essential library for actively collecting user reviews and ratings. It empowers you to enhance your app’s presence in the App Store and gather valuable insights from your user base. By following the integration steps and utilizing the customization options, you can effectively prompt users to leave feedback and improve the overall experience of your iOS app.