## Introduction

Abuikit is a versatile UIKit framework that provides user interface elements and components to enhance the appearance and functionality of your iOS applications. It offers a variety of customizable UI elements such as buttons, labels, text fields, and more, making it easier to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.

## Installation

To integrate Abuikit into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, simply add the following line to your `Podfile`:

pod ‘Abuikit’

Then, run `pod install` command in the terminal to install the framework.

## Getting Started

Before using Abuikit, make sure to import it into your project:

import Abuikit

Once imported, you can start using the various UI elements and components provided by Abuikit to enhance your app’s interface.

## Components

### Buttons

Abuikit offers a range of customizable buttons that can be easily integrated into your app’s layout. Here are some examples:

let defaultButton = Abuikit.Button.defaultButton()
let roundedButton = Abuikit.Button.roundedButton()
let outlineButton = Abuikit.Button.outlineButton()

### Labels

With Abuikit, you can create stylish and eye-catching labels for your app’s content. Here’s how you can use them:

let titleLabel = Abuikit.Label.titleLabel()
let subtitleLabel = Abuikit.Label.subtitleLabel()
let bodyLabel = Abuikit.Label.bodyLabel()

### Text Fields

Manage user input easily with Abuikit’s customizable text fields. Here’s an example:

let textField = Abuikit.TextField.customTextField()

## Utilities

### Color Palette

Abuikit provides a comprehensive color palette to make it easier to maintain a consistent color scheme across your app. You can access the colors using the following properties:

let primaryColor = Abuikit.Color.primaryColor
let secondaryColor = Abuikit.Color.secondaryColor
let accentColor = Abuikit.Color.accentColor

### Typography

Effortlessly manage the typography of your app with Abuikit’s pre-defined text styles. Here’s how you can utilize them:

let titleFont = Abuikit.Typography.titleFont
let bodyFont = Abuikit.Typography.bodyFont
let captionFont = Abuikit.Typography.captionFont

## Requirements

Abuikit requires iOS 11 or later to run. It is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices.

## Conclusion

Abuikit offers a wide range of UI elements and components to enhance the look and feel of your iOS applications. With its easy integration and customization options, you can create stunning interfaces with minimal effort. Explore the documentation further to learn about more features and functionalities provided by Abuikit.