About ABPadLockScreen

ABPadLockScreen is a lightweight, easy-to-use library that provides an elegant and secure PIN-based lock screen for iOS applications. With ABPadLockScreen, you can easily implement a PIN lock screen to protect sensitive data or restrict access to specific features within your app.


  • Simple and intuitive PIN lock screen
  • Easy to customize – choose from various UI options (colors, fonts, button styles, etc.) to match your app’s design
  • Configurable PIN length
  • Optionally allow or disallow simple PINs (e.g., 1234, 0000)
  • Highly secure – data is encrypted and stored securely in the device’s Keychain
  • Option to enable or disable biometric authentication (Touch ID / Face ID)
  • Callbacks and delegates for handling events such as successful/unsuccessful PIN entry, creation, and validation


To integrate ABPadLockScreen into your iOS project:

pod 'ABPadLockScreen'

Getting Started

Once you have successfully installed ABPadLockScreen, follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Import the library

Import the ABPadLockScreen library into your view controller:

import ABPadLockScreen

Step 2: Configure the lock screen

Configure the ABPadLockScreen view controller with your desired options. Set a delegate to receive callbacks and customize the appearance as needed:

let lockScreen = ABPadLockScreenViewController(delegate: self) lockScreen.title = "Enter PIN" lockScreen.subtitleLabelText = "Please enter your PIN to unlock"

Step 3: Present the lock screen

Once the lock screen is configured, present it modally from your view controller:

present(lockScreen, animated: true)

Step 4: Handle lock screen events

Implement the delegate methods to handle events such as successful/unsuccessful PIN entry, creation, and validation:

func pinEntryWasSuccessful(padLockScreen: ABPadLockScreenViewController!) func unlockWasCancelledFor(padLockScreen: ABPadLockScreenViewController!) func unlockWasSuccessfulFor(padLockScreen: ABPadLockScreenViewController!)


For detailed documentation and usage examples, visit the official ABPadLockScreen GitHub repository.


ABPadLockScreen is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.