The ABMSoundCloudAPI docset provides a comprehensive set of classes and methods for integrating SoundCloud functionality into your Cocoa applications. This docset serves as a reference for developers seeking to leverage the capabilities of the SoundCloud API in their projects.

Getting Started


  • Step 1: Open the Terminal application.
  • Step 2: Navigate to your project directory.
  • Step 3: Run the command pod init to create a Podfile.
  • Step 4: Open the Podfile in a text editor and add the following line:
  • pod 'ABMSoundCloudAPI'
  • Step 5: Save the Podfile and run pod install in Terminal.
  • Step 6: Open the newly created .xcworkspace file for your project and you’re ready to use ABMSoundCloudAPI.

Basic Usage

To get started with ABMSoundCloudAPI, follow these steps:

  1. Create an instance of the ABMSoundCloudAPI class.
  2. Configure the API credentials (client ID and secret).
  3. Authenticate the user with SoundCloud using the provided login flow.
  4. Use the various methods provided by the ABMSoundCloudAPI class to interact with the SoundCloud API, such as uploading tracks, fetching user details, searching for tracks, etc.


The ABMSoundCloudAPI docset includes comprehensive reference documentation for all the classes, methods, properties, and constants provided by the API. The documentation is organized in a logical structure and includes detailed information about each component’s usage, parameters, and return values.


The ABMSoundCloudAPI docset features the following important classes:

  • ABMSoundCloudAPI: The main class providing access to all SoundCloud functionality.
  • ABMSoundCloudTrack: Represents a SoundCloud track with properties like ID, title, duration, etc.
  • ABMSoundCloudUser: Represents a SoundCloud user with details like username, avatar URL, followers count, etc.
  • ABMSoundCloudComment: Represents a comment left on a SoundCloud track.


The ABMSoundCloudAPI docset includes a range of useful methods, such as:

  • authenticateUsingSoundCloud: Authenticates the user with SoundCloud using OAuth 2.0.
  • uploadTrack: Uploads a track to SoundCloud.
  • fetchUserDetails: Retrieves details about a SoundCloud user.
  • searchTracks: Performs a search for tracks based on given criteria.
  • … and many more.

Example Usage

Here’s an example that shows how to authenticate a user with SoundCloud using ABMSoundCloudAPI:

// Create an instance of ABMSoundCloudAPI
let soundCloudAPI = ABMSoundCloudAPI()

// Configure API credentials
soundCloudAPI.configure(clientID: "your-client-id", clientSecret: "your-client-secret")

// Perform authentication
soundCloudAPI.authenticateUsingSoundCloud { (success, error) in
    if success {
        // Authentication successful
        print("User authenticated!")
    } else {
        // Authentication failed
        print("Error: \(error?.localizedDescription)")


The ABMSoundCloudAPI docset offers a simple and straightforward way to integrate SoundCloud functionality into your Cocoa applications. By following the provided documentation and utilizing the available classes and methods, you can enhance your app with features like track uploading, user authentication, and searching within the SoundCloud platform.