About abcustomuinavigationcontroller

abcustomuinavigationcontroller is a custom UIViewController class designed to provide a highly customizable navigation bar for iOS applications. It offers various customization options for the navigation bar, such as background color, title color, button styles, and more.


  • Highly customizable navigation bar
  • Ability to change background color of the navigation bar
  • Customizable title color
  • Support for different button styles, including image buttons and text buttons
  • Smooth transition animations
  • Support for both landscape and portrait orientations
  • Easy integration with existing iOS projects


To install abcustomuinavigationcontroller in your iOS project, follow these steps:

  1. Download the abcustomuinavigationcontroller source files from the official GitHub repository.
  2. Drag and drop the downloaded files into your Xcode project.
  3. Ensure that the necessary dependencies (if any) are also added to your project.
  4. Import the abcustomuinavigationcontroller class in your desired view controller.
  5. Create an instance of abcustomuinavigationcontroller.
  6. Customize the navigation bar appearance using the available methods and properties.
  7. Present or push the abcustomuinavigationcontroller instance as needed in your application flow.


abcustomuinavigationcontroller provides several methods and properties to customize the navigation bar. Here is a brief overview of some important ones:

Customization Methods

You can use the following methods to customize the navigation bar:

  • setNavigationBarBackgroundColor(color: UIColor): Sets the background color of the navigation bar.
  • setNavigationBarTitleColor(color: UIColor): Sets the color of the navigation bar’s title.
  • setNavigationBarButtonStyles(styles: [ButtonStyle]): Sets the styles of the navigation bar buttons.
  • setNavigationBarTitleImage(image: UIImage): Sets a custom image as the navigation bar’s title.

Example Usage

Here is an example of how to use abcustomuinavigationcontroller:

import abcustomuinavigationcontroller


let customNavController = abcustomuinavigationcontroller()

customNavController.setNavigationBarBackgroundColor(color: .white)
customNavController.setNavigationBarTitleColor(color: .black)

let buttonStyle1 = ButtonStyle(image: UIImage(named: "button1"), action: #selector(button1Tapped))
let buttonStyle2 = ButtonStyle(title: "Button 2", action: #selector(button2Tapped))

customNavController.setNavigationBarButtonStyles(styles: [buttonStyle1, buttonStyle2])

// Present or push the customNavController instance as needed


For more information and examples, refer to the official abcustomuinavigationcontroller GitHub repository and documentation:

Official abcustomuinavigationcontroller GitHub Repository

abcustomuinavigationcontroller Documentation

Note: Replace “your-repo” in the URLs above with the actual GitHub repository name.