The AAImagePicker framework is a powerful and customizable image picker that allows users to easily select and present images in your iOS applications. It provides a user-friendly interface with various features to enhance the image picking experience. With AAImagePicker, you can quickly integrate a photo selection functionality into your app and streamline the process for users.


  • Easy integration into your iOS applications
  • User-friendly interface for seamless image picking
  • Customizable appearance to match your app’s design
  • Support for both selecting images from the photo library and capturing images with the device’s camera
  • Ability to specify maximum number of images that can be selected
  • Option to allow or disallow editing of selected images
  • Preview functionality to view selected images before confirming the selection
  • Support for multiple languages and localizations
  • Highly customizable and adjustable to fit specific requirements


To integrate AAImagePicker into your iOS project, you can follow these steps:


  • iOS 9.0 or later
  • Xcode 11.0 or later
  • Swift 5.0 or later

Using Swift Package Manager (SPM)

To add AAImagePicker as a dependency using Swift Package Manager, you can follow these steps:

  1. In Xcode, go to “File” > “Swift Packages” > “Add Package Dependency”.
  2. Enter the URL of AAImagePicker repository: https://github.com/example/repo
  3. Specify the version or branch rules according to your preference.
  4. Click “Next” and select the target where you want to integrate AAImagePicker.
  5. Click “Finish” to add the dependency.


Once you have integrated AAImagePicker into your project, you can follow these steps to use it:

Importing AAImagePicker

// import the framework
import AAImagePicker

Presenting AAImagePicker

To present the image picker, you can use the following code:

// create an instance of AAImagePicker
let imagePicker = AAImagePicker()

// set the delegate for image picker
imagePicker.delegate = self

// present the image picker
self.present(imagePicker, animated: true, completion: nil)

Handling ImagePickerDelegate methods

You can conform to the ImagePickerDelegate protocol to handle events and retrieve selected images. Here is an example implementation:

extension ViewController: ImagePickerDelegate {
    func imagePicker(_ imagePicker: AAImagePicker, didSelect images: [UIImage]) {
        // handle the selected images
    func imagePickerDidCancel(_ imagePicker: AAImagePicker) {
        // handle cancellation


AAImagePicker provides various customization options to tailor the appearance and behavior of the image picker to match your app’s design and requirements. Here are some key customization features:

Changing Appearance

You can customize the appearance of the image picker by modifying its properties, such as:

// change the background color
imagePicker.backgroundColor = UIColor.white

// modify the title color
imagePicker.titleColor = UIColor.black

// customize the button appearance
imagePicker.buttonTextColor = UIColor.blue
imagePicker.buttonBackgroundColor = UIColor.lightGray


The AAImagePicker framework supports localization, allowing you to provide translations for different languages. To localize AAImagePicker, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a .strings file for the desired language.
  2. Add translation keys and their corresponding values in the file.
  3. Set the languageBundle property of the AAImagePicker instance to the localized .bundle.
  4. The image picker will use the translations from the specified bundle.


AAImagePicker is an efficient and customizable image picker framework that simplifies the process of selecting and presenting images in your iOS applications. With its user-friendly interface and various customization options, it offers a seamless experience for your app’s users. By following the installation and usage instructions provided, you can easily integrate AAImagePicker into your project and enhance the image picking functionality. Start implementing AAImagePicker today and elevate your app’s image selection capabilities!